What is Our God?

A friend recently posted an article about a girl who renounced Christianity because, having been a part of the purity movement, she felt she could not have sex with her husband and still be a Christian.

It’s a very sad article, but it’s also very good for those of us who profess Christ to work through and consider because the¬†article touches on something much deeper than just virginity at marriage.

It touches on what I think is one of the main reasons that young Christians are leaving the church today in droves.

(Here is a link to the article)

She repeatedly mentioned two things:

-Unnecessary Guilt

-Her Identity Being Based on her Outward Acts of Spirituality.

I think her church and family were trying to help her by encouraging a good standard (even a Biblical standard on her) but the problem happened when:



Whether it is virginity or any other standard, even good and Biblical standards can be turned into idols. And when she had to reject the standard, she had no choice but to reject Christ.

This is very sad, but the problem started many years before when she placed her LOVE on the standard rather then on Christ. She explains in depth her relationship to the standard and never mentions (in the article anyway) a relationship with Christ.

The ONLY thing that will keep people in true, Christianity is a love for Christ.

Then – as an act of love to Him, they will obey from their hearts BECAUSE THEY LOVE HIM. (John 14:15) We obey him only because we love Him.

But, if we OBEY to OBEY then we ONLY find emptiness and guilt.

Throughout the centuries well meaning Christians have lifted up standards – genuinely trying to help their children and disciples to succeed.

Unfortunately, when one’s focus and love are not on Christ, depending on His grace, standing in awe of His incredible person, and rejoicing that He is working His perfect will in us, one cannot succeed.

My heart goes out to this poor woman who wrote this article, and I hope that she can learn what true Christianity is – to love Christ because He first loved us and while we were yet sinners showed His amazing love toward us by offering Himself for us.


One thought on “What is Our God?

  1. Jeanne

    I havn’t read the article you refer to but it seems that your observation is very judicious. It is exactly what it is all about. Also, finding guidance for one’s life from a place of love rather than focusing on the standards may help towards less judgemental attitudes about other people’s behaviors.


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