Turkey Potholders

Looking for a last minute Thanksgiving gift? Maybe as a small housewarming present or just a “We’re thinking of you” gift.  It’s always fun to include the kids in gift giving and, let’s face it, people tend to enjoy it more. :-D

At Thanksgiving, people often think of turkeys. There are several different handprint turkey


ideas all over the internet, so the concept of this isn’t new to me. However, I took the idea and made it useful! :-)

Pot holders. Who doesn’t use pot holders?? Especially on Thanksgiving day! You can buy a 2 pack at Dollar Tree and $1 for a gift certainly isn’t bad!

Here’s what you do:

·         First, wash the pot holders so they do any shrinking up front.

·         Dry completely.

·         Figure out what paint colors you want to use. We used brown and black for the body, green,<strong “mso-bidi-font-weight:=”" normal”=”">yellow, red, and orange for the feathers. We actually used a combination of normal paints and fabric puffy paints. It worked out fine.

·         Have plenty of wet and dry paper towels on hand because depending on the age of your kids, this could be messy! My kids were 2 and 8 months. Maybe I was a little crazy, but it turned out!

·         Paint your child’s hand with the colors you want. Brown on the palm and different colors on each finger.

·         “Stamp” their hand onto the pot holder.

·         Wash kids thoroughly. :-)

·         After the “turkey” dries, you can add feet, facial features, name, date, etc.

That’s it! Easy, cheap, useful, and memorable Thanksgiving gift!


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