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Turkey Magnets

I love to incorporate the seasons and holidays into my kids craft projects as much as possible. I also enjoy using crafts as learning tools. This project incorporates both.

I gave each of the kids portions of paper. The size and shape doesn’t matter because you will cut them into the correct shape later. I had them color each portion in different colors: red, yellow, green, brown, and orange. We were able to talk about each color and review them as we went. You can do any assortment of colors. For this part, you could use colored paper, but then the kids don’t get to do much—if anything. This way, they are truly making the craft.

For the toddlers, I cut the paper into semi circles, each one getting a little bit smaller. An older child might be able to do this himself.

I then had the children glue the semicircles on top of each other.

Next, I had them choose a large pom pom and a smaller one. They also glued those. The pom poms did prove to be heavy, so you might what to just hot glue those for them.

I cut out noses and beaks using scraps of their colored paper from earlier and helped them glue them on to the turkey’s faces.

I did the eyes.

Once the turkey’s were finished and dry, I hot glued magnets to the back so the kids could give them to their parents and use them as seasonal magnets. Magnets make all craft projects useful and who doesn’t enjoy a cute turkey on their fridge at Thanksgiving? :-)


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