Teaching Children Flexibility

Some kids are more OCD then others.

My children are fairly flexible, but in a few areas…not so much!

It drives them CRAZY if they don’t get to sing every.single.word of any given song.

Here is how we talked about the important lesson of flexibility.

Object Lesson: Noodles (Spaghetti or Lasagna), water, pot.

(I’d suggest starting to heat water ahead of time or this object lesson will take awhile!)

Hold up the uncooked noodle.

Say, “Sometimes we don’t like things that we have to do. We get angry and break up because we are upset!!”

(BREAK Noodle)

Bring kids into kitchen. They can sit on a chair or stool a safe distance from the stove.

“But God allows us to have things happen each day until we can learn to be flexible. He lovingly allows things we don’t like – like having to pick up our toys or share. These things teach us flexibility.”

“Sometimes these things are uncomfortable  – like punishment or shots.”

(Put noodle into boiling water.) “This noodle is in an uncomfortable situation, but it will soon be flexible. It will be a better, more useful because of the hot water.”

DISCUSS: Let kids come up with situations where they can be flexible while the noodle cooks.

ACTIVITY: At the end we practiced singing a song, and they could not start singing until I pointed to them. I tried to make it into a game though it was still an effort on their part, they tried to be flexible and not sing until pointed at.

So there is simple lesson on flexibility. I couldn’t think of a good Bible verse though I wish I had. What ideas can you think of?


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