Target, it’s Time to Part Ways

Two months ago an Ohio mom got angry that her local Target had girl’s building blocks specially marked as ‘girls building blocks.’ (Seriously!!) This sparked a platform for Feminists across social media to reign down a tirade on the entire Target Corporation.

 Target has now decided to make the majority of their toy section and several other sections gender neutral – to appease the abrasive and offended.

 Media is predicting Walmart, Disney and other retailers to follow depending on the public response.

 CHRISTIANS, don’t be silent!

 Let’s light up social media and boycott Target so they see the difference in their sales.


You are the dream store of mothers –

From the in-store Starbucks, the multi-kid carts, and the cart cup-holder to the awesome kid clothes (heck, mom clothes too!) and the beloved cartwheel app, you make shopping a little like a girl-date…

(Just without the girlfriend and usually a multi-kid cart full of kids).photo 5

I love your bright and happy colors, your shorter-than-your competitor lines, and those BIG foofy pink skirts my sister-in-law got for my girls last year in your clearance section.

Alas, no store compares with you.

But despite my love of your 5% off card and free shipping, I’m ready to walk away.

Because as much as I love those cute winter boots I got for $10.81 at your end of season sale, I love my kids being confident in who they are even more.

I love that my son is proud of being a little boy – and that he is excited about being a strong and heroic man someday. I like taking him somewhere where he can gush about the super-heroes and dragons – surrounded by his interests.

photo 1I love that my girls love being little princesses – beautiful both inside and out, and when I take them shopping, I love watching them delight in the sparkles, puffs and bows of the girls’ section – reveling for a few short minutes in a section designed just for them.

I love that my kids are confident in who they are. They are confident in the bodies they were born into – and they are comfortable and happy with there being a difference between them.

And like all moms, I want my kids to be supported in who they are. And I hope that enough of us moms stand up and let you know that your stylish clothes and knock-out prices are not worth the message you are sending our kids – that God or fate somehow messed up, and they are not to be proud of and confident in the femininity or masculinity they were born with – maybe you’ll take a hint.

On the contrary, I’m going to take them places where they can celebrate who they are – and at the moment, that place is not you.

 - Verity



4 thoughts on “Target, it’s Time to Part Ways

  1. Jeanne

    So glad to have you back! I missed your blogposts! Hope you are happy with your new life! For the first time though, I am not sure I understand this post. Why should boys and girls have different type of building blocks? Isn’t more fair that the kids choose which kind of blocks they prefer without a shop or us parents, directing their preferences?

    1. Admin Post author

      Jeanne, so glad to hear from you!!! :-)

      Totally agree that children should pursue their own dreams. If Target had gender-neutral kid sections on their own, I’d be fine. My concern is who is in control of this situation – the Feminists in our country who have an end game that I strongly disagree with.

      In her Best-selling book, “Cinderella At My Daughter” renowned journalist and mom-to-a-daughter outlined many of the goals and concerns of the Feminist movement. Their ultimate goal is to say there is no inner-difference between girls and boys.

      We as women have many things that sets us apart from men – but a main difference is that we are Life-givers, Nurturers, MOTHERS!

      (I’ve actually been studying out the history of Planned Parenthood in our country – which led to the intertwining of the Feminist and Abortion movements. That study is why I think this Target thing is a big deal. Satan didn’t start out by attacking the value of children; he started by attacking the value of MOTHERHOOD. And when you attack motherhood, you devalue the fruit of motherhood – CHILDREN.)

      Some of that change is already seen in our toy aisles.

      25 years ago, there were 18 different baby dolls at the store. Today? There are maybe 6 kinds of baby dolls. They’ve been replaced with “My Generation Dolls” who are singers, dancers, vets, and anything but mothers. (American Girl Dolls – same story) Barbie dolls also – except they did offer a mother doll…which was discontinued 3 years ago.

      Though I want my kids to choose their dreams, I can’t be silent that motherhood is a higher calling then being a singer or vet. The Feminists don’t believe that, and not only that, they won’t rest until gender difference – and ultimately one of the most beautiful things about us as women is obliterated.

  2. Concerned you're misunderstanding

    Target is only making it so that girls and boys clothes and toys are in the SAME PLACE, TOGETHER. Basically so that you don’t have to worry about going from the “girls” to the “boys” section, it’s just the “kids” section. This isn’t changing your kids celebrating who they are AT ALL. They can still wear the princess clothes they want, the boys still have the action figures they want. I don’t see where your concern is? In no way will this stop your kids from celebrating who they are by buying, wearing, and playing with the things they want to. Now it will just be all in the same place. The only real difference is that instead of pink and blue themed backdrops, it will be wood grain. That’s it. They’re not rebranding toys and clothes, there will still be clothes for both boys and girls. The only way your children would get the message of being uncomfortable in their body is if you convey that idea to them. It’s like having one pool for both males and females, but different locker rooms. The products themselves will be the same, but they get to swim in the same pool, see?

    1. Admin Post author

      Agree in part. The changes themselves are minor, but my concern is not the specific changes. My concern is that this is a direct response to Feminist pressure and a score for the Feminist agenda. (And the Feminist agenda is a real threat – seeking ultimately to teach kids that there are no pre-set gender boundaries orchestrated by any divine Authority.) As someone who has spent my entire life active in the political world, I’ve learned that it’s these minor but politically charged victories that slowly turn the masses. That’s why even such a silly thing is actually a huge deal.


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