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Kids’ Clothing Storage Part 2: The Logistics

As you’ll see in my first post of this 2 part series, “Counting the Cost of Kids’ Clothing Storage“, I am NOT for keeping everything.

But since it is often essential to store clothes, here is what works for us. I am a visual person who hates sorting. Therefore, I tend to store things in such a way that I only have to sort once a season. And since I am often pregnant, I store things in a way to access heavy boxes while pregnant.

- I keep most smaller sizes since I can fit 4-5 sizes in one tote and would NOT feel like shopping with a new baby and umpteen little kids in toe. (Though I pitch all stained clothes)

-For larger sizes, I keep the higher price items like dresses, coats, jeans, and shoes.

-For larger sizes, I toss or give away most pjs, a lot of the shirts, socks, and bibs because they are often worn out anyway. (Since my kids only have 5-8 outfits each, we wear things out!)

Here are the storage methods that work for us.

-I rotate the next 2 seasons of clothes into AN EASY-to-get-to tote that contains all 4 of the kids’ upcoming clothes so I can quickly grab any needed items out in the months before switching over. (This also helps me evaluate what I need). I keep a list on the box so I can reference it.Logistics of Kids' Clothing Storage  photo 2-7

-I keep upcoming clothes, clothes they are growing out of, and the shoe tote on easy-to-get-shelves in the basement so I don’t have to stack and unstack the heavy totes while pregnant. (These shelves are sold for $20-$30 each at Menards) Completely worth it.

photo 1-8

- I store multiple sizes in one tote but ALWAYS divide the sizes so I can rifle through them quickly without mixing them up.

  • For smaller sizes, I keep all my items for each size in 3-4 gallon size storage bags so I can just  pull out the “NB sleepers” bag or “0-3 month Dresses Bag” as I need them. (I also use gallon size bags for trips to divide up kids’ outfits. A $2.28 box of 45 bags can save SO MUCH sanity!)
  • for larger sizes, I just break up a cardboard box and ‘build dividers inside the sealable plastic tote.

Logistics of Kids' Clothing Storage 3      Logistics of Kids' Clothing Storage 2- I DO NOT keep a box in the kids’ room to yank out outgrown clothes like I used to. Because I have 3 kids in one room, it ended up that everything just got too mixed together in the ‘outgrown box’. I’d have to resort it – which I hate so then I’d procrastinate. It is much easier to just switch the next size or season at ONE SINGLE time. (Then I can’t procrastinate because they need the next size or season!) Immediately packing everything away and moving everything in means minimal sorting.     (I HATE sorting though so this is more a sanity saver then probably a good idea, and it does get annoying the last month before they are fully ready to switch.

- Since I’m on the subject of clothing storage, my husband and I keep our off-season clothes in a dresser. IT IS SO FAST AND EASY to get the items we need! No lugging out boxes, just pulling open a drawer!

There are some ideas that work for us!


Minimalist Toddler Girl Wardrobe

In desperation, I paired down everyone’s wardrobes to almost minimalistic quantities.

Seemed insane, but now that it’s working so well, I think it was genius. :-)

Here is roughly what the two year old girl’s wardrobe is right now.

Minimalist Toddler Girl Wardrobe:

Make the clothes mix and match. Then you don’t have  6 play outfits. You have 36. :-)

6 Play Shirts

4 or 5 Play Pants

1 or 2 Play Skirts

3 Sweaters or Sweatshirts (Our house is cold)

1 or 2 Vests (I like vests for my toddler girls because they hold the shirt down and there is less baby tummy showing)

(Not Pictured)

4 Sunday Dresses



10 Pair Socks

3 pair pajamas

1 Coat, pair of mittens, hat, and scarf

1 Play Pair of Shoes

1 Dress Pair of Shoes (Ok. I love toddler shoes…we might completely go outside the line of this one…)


I don’t know what it will be like in your area. I can usually find great name brand toddler jeans, skirts, and dresses at Goodwill, but the shirts and tights I buy at Walmart or Target. My two year old is hard enough on her shirts that high quality shirts do not matter. Stains show up on Walmart brand as well as name brand. :-)

Pros of a Minimalist Toddler Wardrobe

  • Impossible to get far behind on laundry. 
  • Less Mess when the clothes get pulled out of the drawers. (And they will…trust me)

Cons of a Minimalist Toddler Wardrobe:

  • I actually haven’t thought of any. <:-) 
  • I do wash the kid’s clothes about every third day, but I have my own washer. If you have to take your clothes to a laundromat, that would be an issue.
  • Flu has hit us twice since I slimmed down on clothes, and it was not a problem. The first thing you do when your kid throws up is strip the child and hurl the foul clothes in the washing machine anyway!

So there it is! Be sure to check out the other lists in my Minimalistic Wardrobe Series.

- Verity