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Minimalist Toddler Girl Wardrobe

In desperation, I paired down everyone’s wardrobes to almost minimalistic quantities.

Seemed insane, but now that it’s working so well, I think it was genius. :-)

Here is roughly what the two year old girl’s wardrobe is right now.

Minimalist Toddler Girl Wardrobe:

Make the clothes mix and match. Then you don’t have  6 play outfits. You have 36. :-)

6 Play Shirts

4 or 5 Play Pants

1 or 2 Play Skirts

3 Sweaters or Sweatshirts (Our house is cold)

1 or 2 Vests (I like vests for my toddler girls because they hold the shirt down and there is less baby tummy showing)

(Not Pictured)

4 Sunday Dresses



10 Pair Socks

3 pair pajamas

1 Coat, pair of mittens, hat, and scarf

1 Play Pair of Shoes

1 Dress Pair of Shoes (Ok. I love toddler shoes…we might completely go outside the line of this one…)


I don’t know what it will be like in your area. I can usually find great name brand toddler jeans, skirts, and dresses at Goodwill, but the shirts and tights I buy at Walmart or Target. My two year old is hard enough on her shirts that high quality shirts do not matter. Stains show up on Walmart brand as well as name brand. :-)

Pros of a Minimalist Toddler Wardrobe

  • Impossible to get far behind on laundry. 
  • Less Mess when the clothes get pulled out of the drawers. (And they will…trust me)

Cons of a Minimalist Toddler Wardrobe:

  • I actually haven’t thought of any. <:-) 
  • I do wash the kid’s clothes about every third day, but I have my own washer. If you have to take your clothes to a laundromat, that would be an issue.
  • Flu has hit us twice since I slimmed down on clothes, and it was not a problem. The first thing you do when your kid throws up is strip the child and hurl the foul clothes in the washing machine anyway!

So there it is! Be sure to check out the other lists in my Minimalistic Wardrobe Series.

- Verity