Sun Invitation to Play


“Oh Mr. Sun, sun, Mr. golden sun, please shine down on me…” I often think of that song in the summertime. The big, bright, jolly Mr. Sun just seems to be a part of summertime fun—especially when you have kids! I decided to incorporate this idea recently when I did a sun themed invitation to play with my kiddos. Here’s what we did!


I made up 2 batches of play dough using THIS recipe. One yellow and one orange—though I’m no expert on color mixing. My son thought the orange was pink and with good reason. :-) I also had some leftover red play dough that I divided amongst the kids as well. In addition, I gave each kid…

  • 2 blue paper circles for eyes
  • 1 strip of pink ribbon for a mouth
  • 1 pair of sunglasses (we were recently given several for free!)
  • A few cut up circles (I used a design scissors to make it more interesting) for flowers
  • Some strips of green paper for grass


As always, I used the invitation to play as an opportunity to learn about and discuss the sun. We talked about the sun specifically as well as why we have it and what it does. Then I explained the items on their plates and let them have at it! They enjoyed making their own suns and understood that it can look different colors at different times. Then they also enjoyed making things grow with their suns. If I were to do it again though, I would give them the sun items first and after a while give them the flowers and grass to add to what they had already done. I think it was a little overkill for the younger ones, but they still enjoyed it. Definitely an activity worth doing when you want to do something indoors on a hot day!


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