Staying Organized After a Baby – The Kid Cabinet


Sometimes you need a blessing.

Breast feeding a newborn with older toddlers playing around you is like being stationed in a war zone with your hands tied up with ropes.

You sit and try to relax so the milk lets down and it will go faster while they tear up the house before your eyes.

I needed a blessing!

My blessing came in the form of a cabinet I found on Craigslist. After an exchange of emails, the very kind owners offered it to me for free.

I realized that was generous though I didn’t even realize how generous until I got to their house and saw how nice the cabinet was.

An hour later my husband helped me unload it into our spare room (baby/school/office/picture room), and the next week my mom (a super organizer) helped me organize it, and voila! Sanity was restored!


The very top shelf holds scissors, superglue, and paperclips.

The second shelf holds all their preschool books, and baskets on the third shelf store their math u see blocks, flash cards, wooden magnet letters and writing utensils.

The cabinet also locks – which is great because it keeps the kids out and everything organized. Yay!!

The bottom of the cabinet holds activities for the kids to do while I breastfeed, some DVDs, as well as their growing collection of hardcover children’s books.

(We just set a budget for me to buy books for them!) My favorite find so far is called the Brave Young Knight by Karen Kingsbury. It teaches that inner character and faith in God is more important then winning a competition or being the best at something.

Now when I need to feed the baby, I just let the 4 year


old and 3 year old pick one or two things from the cabinet. An hour later, the sets go back in the cabinet, the baby is fed and order was maintained.

Activities that have worked for us are the Melissa and Doug wooden letter game, lacing cards, Leapfrog Letter Factory, Disney Princess dominoes (Like dominoes but pictures instead of dots), simple puzzles, Melissa and Doug wooden magnet dolls, wooden train set, small doll houses, blocks, and coloring.

So if  you have a new baby and have toddlers or preschoolers to occupy or if homeschooling needs to happen with a newborn, a closet or cabinet could be your sanity saver – it was for me!!

- Verity

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