Small Children Staying with Relatives

Last week we took our family trip. The kids went to my aunt’s house for 3 of the days while my husband and I went on to Chicago for business.

A couple of things I did went really great – and a couple things I will be tweaking the next time around.

photo 2

Here is what Worked:

Packing each Child’s Clothes by Day

I packed a gallon size bag for each child for each day. It held their shirt, pants, socks and undergarments. Then I pressed out the air for added space, zipped it and marked their name. Each morning all my aunt needed to do was grab each of there bags. Voila!

photo 3


Sending EASY Breakfast Foods

My aunt is NOT a morning person. Sending Granola bars for breakfast meant that when my little early birds all got up at 6:15AM, she could give them something, stick in a video if necessary, and go make coffee.


photo 4


Sending a Couple Simple Activities.

My kids do really well with some structured time before play. I sent just a couple dollar store items for my aunt to do with them. She really enjoyed working with them and seeing them make those connections!

photo 5


Sending Easy Freezer Items.

Last year for a similar business trip, I sent homemade freezer meals. They didn’t touch them. I guess store-bought stuff it is. (I guess junk food on vacation is okay in my book)


Admittedly, I’m not a stickler, but I had my kids sleep in their clothes the first night. My aunt had to get to work in the morning, so I did there hair, stuck on clothes and hoped for the best to take off a little extra strain on her first morning with THREE little kids!

Here’s what didn’t work.

I bought all the food to send before the trip, packed it into our freezer, packed it into travel bags, and then loaded it into the car and dragged it 5 hours. I should have just gone to Walmart after getting to my aunt’s house. (OF COURSE) I had to go anyway to pick up a couple missing items anyway. It would have been so much smarter to just run to the store after getting there and seeing what she already had. There ended up being a ton of uneaten stuff.

Final Verdict:

Kids had a blast!! (But that has more to do with my amazing aunts and uncles! (I remember LOVING to visit them when I was a kid and they are still SO MUCH FUN!

(And my aunt said that they’d be willing to take the kids again for a weekend so it was a pretty good weekend for everyone.)


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