Rainstorm in a glass

imageI feel like it’s been raining here for days! My kids keep asking, “Mom, why is it still raining?” By now, they have begun to answer their own question before I have time to reply, “God must know we need the rain.” So, since we’re stuck in the house watching the downpour out the window, why not find a way to make rain fun inside? Here’s what we did! SUPER easy and fun!


What you need (for each child):


  • Tall, clear drinking glass ¾ full of water
  • Small bowl filled with colored water—we did blue with food coloring
  • Shaving cream
  • Syringe


Fill your glass ¾ full of water, and mix food coloring into some water in a small bowl. The darker the color, the easier it is to see it. Squirt shaving cream in the top of each glass—my kids thought this was hilarious! Then explain how their glass is their world. The water is the sky, the shaving cream is the nice puffy cloud. Have them interact and share about things in their world so it becomes more personal for them. THEN, God knows they need rain, so let them fill up their syringes with colored water and shoot it into the “cloud.” Small children might have a hard time with it, but they should get it just fine. As they continue shooting water into their cloud, it fills up with the colored water, and it will begin raining in their world! It’s really entertaining for them to watch it rain in their world and educational as they can see how rain clouds work.


Happy squirting! :-)



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