Pumpkin Decorations for Toddlers

My kids love to glue things–and I love to hang seasonal decorations on our doors—so this craft is a win, win! :-) It’s so easy and cute too.


What you need (per child):


  • Paper plate for each child
  • Orange construction paper cut into several 1” squares
  • Brown construction paper cut into a rectangle—about 2” x 3”
  •  Green construction paper cut into the shape of a leaf
  •  Glue



  •  A string about 3” long
  •  A hot glue gun




Give each child a paper plate, glue, and whole lot of orange squares. Encourage them to COVER

their plate with squares to make it as orange as possible—including all the sides. This kept them busy for quite a while. :-) I love gluing activities because any age child can do it—even as young as a 1 year old. You can use glue sticks or Elmer’s, but we did the latter because it seemed to work best.


When they are finished with their squares, show them where to glue the brown stem on the pumpkin and also the green leaf.


Once the pumpkins are dry, you can hot glue the string to the back in the shape of a loop to hang the pumpkins on a wreath hanger for a fall decoration. I usually hang my kid’s creations on either side of our back door. That way we can enjoy them when we GET home as well as when we ARE home—they love to see their artwork on display and so do I. :-)



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