Picture Display Boards

The girls love their new room but needed a place to display their own pictures.IMG_3830

(As you can see… The 3 year old didn’t think she needed paper to express herself. This is by her bed -)IMG_3831

So here is a quick and easy project that looks cute!

Materials for one picture board:IMG_3812

- Pre-primed board 4- 6 feet long

- 1 package Cute clothespins from Michaels (Some of their selection HERE )

- Glue Gun

- 3 finishing Nails

- Hammer

- Stud Finder

IMG_3816So, my husband picked up a pre-primed board from Menards and cut it it half. (They can do that at the store for free too – Home Depot will do multiple cuts though it’s .25 a cut after)

I spaced the clothespins 9 inches apart (though I wish I had spaced them 12 inches apart. The pictures hang right up against each other) and glued each pin with hot glue.)



Ta da! This project literally took 20 minutes (even with kid interruptions). :-)




Then I just used a level, a stud finder, and 3 nails to attach it to the wall.



It’s really, really important to me that my kids grow up learning how to prioritize. I wanted them to have a place to show their interests, but I think it’s really important to help them keep growing and reaching.


I want my kids to create, grow and expand their interests, and I think that part of that is helping them learn to choose what is important to them. They create beautiful drawings now, but tomorrow they will create better drawings and can replace these. Just like they have limited space for their favorite toys, I want themĀ at this age to choose what is ‘important.’ That’s why they each have 5 spots. We have a binder to keep their work if they want, but I want them to only display their favorites and to keep growing and expanding. Unless it is their masterpiece, I don’t want to encourage them leaving a picture up for years.

The girls love their picture boards and have already been using them a lot!

This makes the girls’ room about done. (That article coming soon!) :-)


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