Organizing Patterns

5 years ago I was given a book that opened my eyes to organizing patterns.

It was Julie Morgenstern’s “Organizing from the Inside Out” that showed me organizing systems need to be based on our life patterns.

At the time I had the CUTEST little hamper – but it only fit in my son’s nursery on the OPPOSITE wall from the changing table. Consequently, I was always tossing his dirty clothes unto the floor and needing to pick them up later.

I thought the problem was me – that I wasn’t organized, but the problem was that I had not set up the room based on what would be easiest for me to maintain within my system.

(And let’s be honest, if it’s not easy to do within our systems and organizing patterns, we don’t do it!)

So I decided to post a couple things that work within my system and with my personality right now.

Organizing Right After Shopping

photo photo-2

For some reason I really enjoy putting away groceries, but when I cook, I’m in a HURRY because I have a deadline. For this reason, I put my spices in cute containers at my FAVORITE time to organize in order to make it easier for my LEAST FAVORITE time to pull things in and out. For the same reason, I put baking supplies in super cute, labeled mason jars. :-)

Limiting Organizing When Kids are Up

A month ago, I learned that I am an introvert, and as a visual learner, I can think BEST in silence. This means that I organize POORLY with interruptions and ANYONE talking to me. (And since one of my children CANNOT not talk [until we get that trained], this means that I need to limit my organizing when that child is awake.)

Organizing During a Whole Nap Time

So Once a week I clear out all my clutter baskets (which I will write about in a future post), clear all clutter from the house, and organize. I can clean, cook, fold clothes, do dishes, or even paint when my kids are up. I simply cannot organize. Recognizing this about myself has helped me stay a lot more sane!!!

When works for you to organize?

When does NOT work for you to organize?


Check out how I put more of Julie’s awesome techniques into action HERE

2 thoughts on “Organizing Patterns

  1. Jeanne

    I am exactly the same! I need silence to be able to organize and I need to be alone in the room. Even the mere possibility of being disturbed prevents me of being focused! Towards the end of the kid’s napping time, my concentration is always lower because I know I MIGHT get interruped any time! I really wish I would function differently but I can’t!

  2. Andrea

    I love your blog and everything you two girls write. You are helping me with motivation to organize my time and my space. Thank you for your time you put into this!


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