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Organizing: Linen Closet Before and After

When life is getting more stressful for ‘no reason.’ I can often link it back to an area of disorganization that I’ve let slip.


  • If the kids toys are suddenly spread all over the house, it’s usually time for a toy purge or re-organization.
  • If our clothes seem to be taking over, it probably means I’ve left out some of last seasons’ clothes making our closets too small to hold everything.
  • If the kitchen seems to never stay clean, it’s time to evaluate what is in the kitchen cupboards that I’m not using yet is taking up all the space of everything I am using – and then leaving on the counters because there is nowhere else to put it!

Similarly, it was time to deal with the linen closet.

As usual, I had to implemented SUD 

  1. Space: As you can see our space was limited. I had to think carefully about what was most important and pitch the rest.
  2. Usefulness: I also realized that clearing out some beauty products were emotional. I had to admit, that I didn’t have time to look as beautiful and put together as I used to, but clearing out the french manicure set would clear up room to find things that would help me stay as polished as possible – like mascara.
  3. Daily Decision Making Minimizing: Although jewelry is an area many minimalists go all-out on, I chose to keep only sentimental pieces and match-everything pieces.

In the end, all make-up went into the bathroom instead of the linen closet. (Except for ONE whole make-up set [mascara, foundation, eye shadow] that stays in the car at all times because I seem to do my make-up there a lot. It’s the only place I have 5 minutes with all 3 kids strapped down and quiet!)


The kids ‘helped’ me by (ie: Pulled out streams of dental floss, broke jewelry and spilled supplies – giving me more to toss). This reminding me how stressful it is to have more stuff for them to get into…


Almost Finished!! Cute Labels using free templates on and my ONE trusted book of $10 scrapbook paper have been BIG in making my organizing projects turn out cute!

The little jar is for guests with travel items they may have forgotten. It’s easy to keep stocked because I see it every time I open the door, and it’s small enough to set on a side table in whatever room I have set up for guests at the time.


The bottom shelf now holds cleaning supplies for the living room and the kids’ bath toys. (My husband was thrilled that
wouldn’t be by the toilet anymore! I’d told him a year ago I simply had nowhere else to put them, but lo and behold, I just had to let go of all the make-up, bodywashes and shampoos I wasn’t using, and there it was.)

PictureThinking outside the Box: Clearing the space allowed me a place to put my husband’s carving tools in the closet. He’ll often hand carve when we watch a movie in the living room together which is right off the hallway with the linen closet. It also created a great spot to put my son’s confiscated toys when he is irresponsible with them.

Besides this, in accordance with my ‘prime real-estate’ organizing system, I have one tote in the basement with rarely used items like the stuff I need after a birth for tearing etc. 

- Verity

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