Nativity Invitation to Play

PictureI absolutely love Invitations to Play!

They help children learn concepts, use their imaginations, and work to create something wonderful. I wanted to carry the idea into a simple nativity activity, so here is what I came up with.

 I made a list of characters who were present at the first Christmas. Then, I went around the house collecting items that I thought MIGHT pass as those characters. Therefore, this will look very different for everyone. You could use Legos or little people, stuffed animals or pictures, craft supplies or food items. Be creative and have fun! :-) Mostly, I just wanted the kids to be able to catch a general idea of who might pass as whom when they looked at the items.

I had the kids sit on the floor and I presented them with a container filled with stuffed animals and other items that could be used to create a nativity scene. I told them to be creative and to work together to try and recreate the nativity scene. I then left the room and got something else accomplished. :-)


When I came back, here is what they had come up with!
Raggedy Ann and Andy are Mary and Joseph, Baby Jesus is wrapped in a blanket, the sheep with clothes on are the shepherds, and the sheep are the sheep. They didn’t use quite everything I had anticipated, but I thought it was pretty well done.

It’s a simple activity, but it causes the kids to think and to work together to apply what they have learned about Christmas. :-)


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