Mom’s Musings: The Opportunity of Christmas

This time of year abounds with opportunities to teach our children about Jesus—the real

reason for the season.

As I have a nearly 2 year old and a 3 year old this year, I have been amazedat how everything can tie back to WHY Jesus was born as a baby those many years ago.


My children are particularly excited as we are expecting a baby in a few weeks, so they are probably overly fascinated with babies right now, but it has caused them to be very interested. Books we read, songs we sing, games we play, crafts we do, conversations we have, activities we participate in, events we attend… all of these things are opportunities to point our children toward Christ. I am learning to take advantage of each moment with them this month and to use the “why” questions and the quiet observations to teach them and to tie truths together.

Before Verity and I were married, we worked for a ministry where we directed Vacation Bible Schools in small churches who otherwise would not have been able to host one. We did this for over 6 years each week of every summer. You can imagine who many VBSs we did! One thing I truly loved about a VBS format was how all morning of each day was centered around 1 main theme. Everything tied back to that theme: the lesson, the decorations, the puppet skit, the songs, the craft, the games, and so on. By the end of the morning, do you think those kids knew what the theme was? Of course they did! By the end of the week they had 5 solid Biblical truths/themes to walk away with–even if they learned nothing else, those themes, could not be avoided. I once read that it takes 18 times before a person learns something. Not to mention the concept that we learn:

·         10% of what we read

·         20% of what we hear

·         30% of what we see

·         50% of what we see and hear

·         70% of what we discuss

·         80% of what we experience

·         95% of what we teach others

If you take the time to teach your kids the truths of Christmas throughout this month, they will not miss them. At this time of year, I love how I can read a Christmas book to my children in the morning, discuss our advent calendar Names of God at lunch, do a Christmas craft in the afternoon, and sing a Christmas song before bed and it all has the same message. This doesn’t even take into account the Christmas events at church, activities that just seem to pop up everywhere, decorations around the house, and regular conversations. As moms, we have been given an amazing opportunity to teach our children about God, about Jesus, and ultimately, about what Jesus did for us on the cross and the personal choice we each have to accept Him or reject Him. At Christmas time, these truths are pretty much handing themselves to us to “feed” to our children on a silver platter. My question to you is this: Are you taking full advantage? Next Christmas is a long ways away. What will transpire over the course of this year? How much older and more distracted will your children be? Use each moment, of each day, to lovingly stop and teach your children the important truths of Christmas. This is a unique time where they will learn those truths like no other time during the year.


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