Mom’s Musings: Keeping Perspective at Christmas

PictureOur Christmas this year does not include Christmas baking, is void of handmade gifts, and includes very few decorations.

(The super cute crafts we’ve been posting have all been from Lyd’s house. :-/)

To clarify, I am not a Scrooge.

I normally LOVE Christmas. All of it! I even like the stress. It just adds a bit of interest to normalcy I figure.
But Christmas has not been as big a thing for us this year.
I didn’t plan it this way.

I even fought it. I plotted and planned and tried to have my definition of a ‘normal’ Christmas.

I grouched at the kids and got frustrated and stressed because I couldn’t implement all my sparkling and usually even spiritual plans.


Then I realized there was something more important then my nice even good plans.

So I got a grip.

You see we had a baby 5 weeks ago giving us four children 4 1/2 and under. And while the baby is actually a normal to easy baby, every member of the family is adjusting.

Emotions are already high.

My kids need a mom who has her eyes on things bigger then if the relatives get home made crafts this year.
They don’t care if I get the garlands up and unpack all the ornaments from my childhood that have no meaning to anyone in the house but me.

But they certainly do care if mama is grouchy!

They don’t remember the Sunday advent wreath we’ve done in past years that we’ve been too exhausted to do each Sunday night after a long car ride of screaming hungry baby who does not understand that you can’t breast-feed in the car.

But they do remember when mama loses her temper in the a car because she wants to get home and do the advent wreath and stollen.
They need a mom who is focused on God and on each child’s spiritual and emotional needs right now.

Part of me is sad that traditions I had planned to really focus on this year are not happening. There are lessons I had hoped to help my kids learn through Christmas!! (Like giving time and thought to others as they helped me make all the neighbors cookies -)

But I recognize maybe their mom had some important lessons to learn instead.

- Like learning to enjoy Christmas while putting spiritual victory of contentedness first.

- And learning to put my children’s needs before mine. Picture
You see though I thought creating a ‘magical’ Christmas was putting them first, the anger I felt revealed my true heart.

My pride was hurt because I wasn’t succeeding in the perfection I was personally striving for.

Next year we will not have a new baby. ( I don’t think anyway)

However I hope the lesson that I’m learning as I sit attached to a baby for hours and hours gazing at the sparsely decorated house and practicing contentedness through God’s grace alone stays with me. Because there will probably not be a year I will live up to my idea of perfection, I hope that each season (Christmas or otherwise) my kids my kids have a content mama.


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