Mom’s Musings: Home Sweet Home! 8 Reasons I love my Small, One Story, Fixer-Upper House

We can all picture our ideal ‘everything’ house. For some of us it is a sleek and modern loft with no extra clutter and fuss.

For others, it is a large victorian with high ceilings, original woodwork, a huge, remodeled kitchen, and 4,000 of living space.

That was the house I grew up in. It was the nicest house on the nicest street in town. In fact, the street was even called “pill hill” because all the doctors lived there.Picture
When my husband and I started looking for our first house, our budget was … different. We bought a small, three bedroom rambler that needed major TLC.

After months of late nights and long weekends, the house was improving while my attitude was getting worse. I was discontent.

It can still be a struggle, but God, in mercy has opened my eyes to the many, many blessings that have come from our home’s size and condition.

Things I love about my house:


1. It’s small size helps me to keep the clutter down. (And being a natural hoarder, I need all the help I can get!)

2. Pressing home projects push me and make me face my fears.  

3. The many home conquests have made my husband and I grow up, learn new skills, and realize that we can conquer a lot more than we thought. 

4. It is made us more the team. It is made us communicate through difficult times and become a stronger couple. 

5. It grew my respect for my husband. Countless nights I watched him push himself and deal good naturedly with the innumerable crises that came up.

6. It has taught me that even a small, imperfect house can be a haven if you have a good attitude.

7. It has helped stretch my previous definition of what I ‘need.’ Every space challenge can be dealt with creatively. Neat, well-ordered rooms really can serve multiple purposes, and I’ve enjoyed the victories over the challenges.

8. It made me realize that my worth is not defined by living in the biggest and most beautiful house on the street. I have value in God’s eyes, and I have great influence through my attitude about my house.

I’m so thankful for all God has taught me during the last four years through this house.In fact, if I had it to do over, I wouldn’t change a thing.

(Thought I’m glad I DON’T have to do it again!!!)

- Verity

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