Missing in Action

This blog, the friends made through it and the joy of sharing what God’s teaching me have been an important part of my life the last couple years.

I honestly never expected to drop the ball on it – ever!

But 3 1/2 months ago I totally did.

It started with a shocking text from my husband.

“Do you want to get the house ready to sell and move?”

I didn’t even text him back.

living_room1I seriously thought he was joking!!!!!

The house was really workable (unless we had more kids which I really, really did want at least one more…)

But he came home, and he was serious.

He was ready for a house and neighborhood that fit our goals and family better.


And as we looked at the economy in our exact area, we realized the time to sell – was NOW – or in 3 years.


The next week my 3 oldest spent almost a week at my mom and dad’s house, and we worked REALLY hard.

And the whole house was A MESS. Projects in every room. Clutter on every surface. Me missing my babies. (5 1/2 still counts as a baby – right?)

And there was the emotional struggle. Apparently moving involves a lot of emotional struggle. (At least this one did.)

master_bedroomThis was the final step for me in accepting that doors were really closed on other dreams. We were really NOT going into full-time ministry any time soon. (The house we were buying, while a better fit for our family and goals does require my husband’s much-higher-than-most-pastor’s-make salary) We were not moving out to the lovely little town we’d dreamed of living in – surrounded by dear friends who I still deeply wish I could be closer to.

I spent a lot of time reading the last several chapters of Genesis. Again and again I was awed by God’s working hand in Joseph’s life.

Living the American dream was never my plan for my life. Missions. Sacrifice. Martyrdom all sounded much more spiritual then buying a nicer house.bedroom2

But I finally had to come to terms with one thing – my ministry is my family right now. We could afford to give our kids a house with a better lay-out to homeschool them in, a house that was more condusive to build my husband’s dream business, and I needed to recognize the ministry in front of my nose instead of lamenting the ministries God has given to others. I agreed to work with him in his home business, something I’ve not done in about 3 years, and I accepted that God has given me this ministry, in this place, at this time.

As I internalized all this, I couldn’t write. I couldn’t call friends. I needed to deal with the chaos in my house, deal with all the projects we’d procrastinated for 6 years, and come to the final acceptance of what God had for me and my family.

bathroom1And then we did the showings – 42 in 3 1/2 weeks. Sometimes I’d get a text 30 minutes before we needed to be out of the house, and I’d shoo the kids outside and do a desperate wipe-down to ensure the floors looked gorgeous and the house did NOT look like 4 kids under 6 and an 80 pound poodle occupied it.

Then came the low-ball offers and wondering if all our work on the never-ending-fixer-upper would never pay off.

The low-point was 3 weeks in. We’d spent thousands of dollars to get ready ready to sell, lowered the price as low as we could go, and were exhausted from abandoning our home daily to showings. The kids cried often, and I think I cried more…

In that weekend, we surrendered the whole thing to God. If it didn’t sell, it would be okay. He would provide. We could see the many lessons we’d learned – the joy of finishing the fixer-upper house we’d started several years earlier, the lessons in communication to each other, the lesson of contentedness, the strong realization that He was working – whatever the outcome.kitchen1

The next day the offer came. It had actually come in 6 days earlier but had gone to our realtor’s spam envelope by mistake! There was no doubt in my mind that God allowed that so we could learn those vital lessons that one day earlier and surrender it all to Him.

They asked for a closing only 28 days later.

More scrambling.

We found the ‘perfect’ house, lost it, and found what was really the right house. And the owners, who had already moved, agreed to a closing on the same day as our other closing only three weeks later.

And here we are.

If you had told me in January that by June I’d be in a gorgeous 2 story house with a massive fenced yard overlooking the most lovely pond you can imagine, I’d have laughed at you.

But here I am – so amazed by the provision of God that even 2 weeks in, I still feel like I’m dreaming.

(And one week after we moved, Lydia and Matthew were called to pastor a church in Florida – so her moving story is just beginning!)

Things are finally unpacked enough that I’m able to start writing again.

If you have sent a note or comment, I am really, really sorry. I have 41, 537 comments which I’m going to delete because I’m guessing at least 41,500 of them are spam and the thought of sorting them sounds horrible. :-I (SO PLEASE COMMENT AGAIN in a couple days once I get those figured out!)

We would love to hear from you!


2 thoughts on “Missing in Action

  1. Jeanne

    Surrender has saved my life many times! It is amazing that just when we surrender to life, it releases the energy for problems to be solved and for answers to come. It seems that it is all about a leap of faith.
    I would love to see pictures of your new house, and to know if you will still pursue minimalist goals. As we also are moving to a much larger two storey appartment with a beautiful garden and a small garden house in the city, I am more motivated than ever to maintain a minimalist and frugal lifestyle but I know the temptations will come more readily to lure me out of this ideal.

    1. Admin Post author

      So excited for you guys!!! It sounds like a lovely place to raise a family!

      I also love how you say “when we surrender to life, it releases the energy for problems to be solved and for answers to come.” My husband used to say to let go of the gift (another person, a dream) and hold unto the Giver. (God)

      I’m trying to still pursue minimalism! :-)

      It’s been a relief to set things up the best way for our family – and not always be ‘making do.’ (In that way, we’ve actually been able to get rid of more!)

      We’ve actually been able to get rid of more things because we can finally say “This is where we are settled,” and finally realize that certain things no longer fit in with our goals.

      It took me a month before I could start getting rid of things after moving in though, and I haven’t started to decorate barely at all. I just needed the time to adjust to where I was and accept who I am.


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