Minimalist Wardrobe: Working Man

Working Man

I often think of my husband as a natural minimalist. Consequently having a minimal wardrobe for him is very easy.

My husband is a web developer who works in a business casual setting.

He doesn’t care for long sleeves so all his polos and casual shirts are short sleeved.

His core colors are blue, black, navy, grey, a little brown and khaki.

6 polos for work

(Plus he has one dress shirt with the company logo for client meetings.)

2 nice jeans for work

2 pair casual pants (switched with shorts in summer)

4 casual shirts

3 dress pants for Sunday (khaki, navy, and a wool blend for subzero days)

7 dress shirts (4 short sleeved for summer and 3 long sleeved)

5 ties

Hunting gear in the basement

A dress shirt for our home business

2 pair pajamas

Undergarments and Socks

Nice boots which he wears every day in Winter.

Comfortable, heavy duty dress shoes which he wears every day the rest of the year.

German House Shoes (like slippers)

A suit for interviews and when he preaches at church.

That’s it. I didn’t have to pare down much either. He’s a natural.

Jeans and pants don’t need to be washed every use so there is enough clothes for him.

That’s his wardrobe. Working men’s wardrobes will vary of course by their occupation.


3 thoughts on “Minimalist Wardrobe: Working Man

  1. Jeanne

    I am also living with a natural minimalist. I love that because it makes my life very easy! But I am actually trying to encourage him to buy some new clothes :-)
    He only has 2 pants (a jeans and another one), 3-4 shirts (mostly long sleeves because it is seldom hot where we live), many T-shirts (that’s what he wears for work most often), 2 woll sweaters with zippers (both rather elegant), 1 dressed pant for summer and 2 suits (for work presentation, family celebrations, fancy parties etc…). That’s all!
    I think that works well for him and I think that’s enough, I just wish he would renew part of his T-shirt collection, most of them are very large and the colors have passed out because they are more than 10 years old!

    1. Admin Post author

      Yes! I can barely ever get my husband to get new clothes. Last night, we went to buy him a couple pieces, and I was SO EXCITED! :-D

      It does make it easier when our loved ones are minimalistic (though I have to be really careful he always has clean clothes for work!)


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