Minimalism: Things I Don’t Minimize

Everyone – even the most well-known minimalists often have areas they do not pinch on. Francine Jay, who write and is one of the most well-known minimalists on the web, once wrote that she enjoys have a collection of jewelry from the many countries she and her husband have traveled. Since she wears a mostly black wardrobe and since jewelry is small, it is an area she can have a little more then the minimal amount.

The idea of minimalism is to clear out the extras to help you focus on the important.

However, hand in hand with that goal comes some items that should be plentiful – either for their utilitarian purpose or for the pure enjoyment they bring.

Here is a list of things that I choose to keep more then the minimal amount of.

Waste Baskets (The large, kitchen-sized ones)

I have one in every room. In fact. I have a small, long, hallway-like kitchen, and I have two in there – one on each end.

And yes. They are usually almost all full by the end of the week. Between diapers, broken things that kids get a hold of and everything else, we fill them up.

Disposable Wipe Containers

I have one in the car, one in my purse, one in the diaper bag, one in the kid’s room, and one in the spare room in case someone is up, and I don’t want to wake the other two kids. I love disposable wipes!!

Paper Towels

I’m pregnant. We have a 7 month old puppy and a potty trainer. Paper towels are God’s gift to help me survive. Enough said.

Toddler and Preschooler Shoes

Every kid needs at least 2 pair of shoes in our house to keep Mama’s sanity. This way if the 3 year old leaves his shoes at the 4th of July picnic…somewhere, the 1 year old kicks off her shoe in Menards, or the 2 year old puts a shoe to bed with her dolls in the play room and it’s not found for 2 weeks, we are not in a crisis. (Until one of them finds a creative way to dispose of their OTHER pair.)

(To be completely transparent, I have a little obsession with my girls’ cute baby shoes and have been known to have as many as 7 pair at once. Some were gifts. Even aspiring minimalists have their weaknesses.)


Christmas Decorations

We have FOUR totes in the basement. Plus a large wooden stable about the size of a tote. I know many people downsize more, but this is an area that I have chosen to not downsize further. I create a magical mood around the house at Christmas with all my Christmas clutter. I’m fine with that. I’ve made space for that by getting rid of other stuff. :-)


I have two sets of make-up. One in the house and one in the car (because more often then not – that is the only place I remember/have the kids strapped down to do it.)


My husband cannot start his day without at least 4 slices of bacon. It works out to about a pound and a half a week. (Don’t judge) After too-many emergency trips to the store because I was running out, I got smart and keep at least a few weeks supply.  Since I’ve bought up to 6 months supply when I find a deal, I have to keep the freezer fairly clear of other things, but it works for me. Minimalists clear out their lesser possessions to make room for what matters to them. This is important for helping him start his day, and so we prioritize it.

Some areas of our lives need to be trimmed down to the bones and others create more serenity and joy by not minimizing them.

What items do you stock up on or allow more of simply for the enjoyment of it?

- Verity


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