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Make a Toddler Gift Book

My kids and I recently discovered an easy craft to make for their preschool-aged cousins. It is inexpensive, very fun to make, and looks nice when it’s finished. It is also a great teaching tool for 1 to 4-year-olds.

Thought most of the crafts on this blog are complements of Lydia, I do usually keep card stock, markers, and glue sticks on hand. (AIthough I did not have a glue stick for this craft since our last one was partially eaten and then left to dry out by some short, unidentified culprit.)photo 2-2

With these couple of items the kids and I make cards for friends and family, and we decided to make a special book for their cousin. He has some learning disabilities, and his special ed teacher had suggested a book that would teach the correct uses for his mouth, hands, eyes, and legs.

I think it’s also a great book for one and two-year-olds to teach their different body parts.

Supplies: nine photos, glue stick,

card stock (3 black, 1 yellow, 1 blue, 1 green, and 5 white)

1. We took pictures of the kids doing the different actions. Most of the pictures in the book are staged. This was actually super fun. (15 minutes)

2. I sent the pictures to Walmart online photo center.
(10 minutes)

3. A few days later picked the photos up when I went shopping.
(5 minutes)

4. I stapled my colored card stock (1 black, 1 red, 1 green, 1 yellow, 1 blue) into a book formphoto 3-2
(5 minutes)

photo 1-2

5. I have the kids color white card stock which I used as mattes for the pictures.
(10 minutes)

6. I typed out simple uses for each body part and printed them on white card stock .
(5 minutes)

7. I cut the kids’ pictures into four identical rectangles to put behind each photo. I also cut apart my typed words. I use the paper cutter because I have a good quality one that cuts card stock though scissors would have been fine.
(10 minutes)

8. Finally we glued them altogether.
(10 minutes)

Here’s the final book.

photo 2-4  photo 1-4

photo 1-3  photo 2-3

photo 3-3  photo 1-5photo 4-3  photo 2-5

photo 3-4  photo 4-4

Total cost: under $2


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