Kid’s Sun Craft

At the height of the summer heat, what better craft project than for the kids to make their own

personal sun? My kids loved this—it may have been the fact it was a sun, or the fact they got covered in sticky glue—regardless, I’m excited to share this idea with you today. :-)



What you need:

 1 paper plate per child

1 bottle of glue per child

A couple sheets of tissue paper in yellow, red, etc.

A couple sheets of construction paper in yellow, red, etc.

A pair of scissors

Tape or 1 glue stick for each child

Cut out the center of each paper plate to make a circle

Cut out the tissue paper in squares

Give each child a paper plate circle and a small stack of tissue paper squares.

Have the kids glue the squares to the plate. I’m big on kids gluing things since they seem to be able to start doing it when they are about a year old and enjoy it through childhood. I love bringing multiple ages together for a project! :-)

Let the gluey tissue papery paper plate circle suns dry for several hours.

Cut the construction paper in strips. You may just want to use one color (like yellow) for this.

Show the kids how to tape or glue (with glue sticks) the strips, folded in loops, to the back of their suns. If the kids are younger, you could just staple it too.

THEN, the kids can hang up their suns using the loops–or wear them as a bracelet as my daughter did–or carry them around on a stick… The loops were a huge hit!! :-)

Happy Summer!!


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