Kid-Friendly Fall Apples in under 15 minutes (And for under $10)

I wanted to make candied apples with the kids, but apparently you have to heat the candy coating up to 250 (!!!!!!) degrees to dip -the apples which meant the kids could not safely dip them.  And caramel apples were really expensive.  ($7 for a single pound of caramel plus the need to buy a candy thermometer which made the whole caramel apple thing expensive and not fun in my opinion.)

So I decided to try substituting almond bark, and this turned out to be super fun, fast and very, very kid friendly!


12 apples .98 a lb              $4.21 from Walmart (I picked small ones)

12 craft sticks                    $1 for a package of 24 from Dollar Tree

1 pound Almond Bark       $ 2.98 from Walmart

Container of peanuts         $1 from Dollar Tree


Total Cost:                         $ 9.19



1. Mom and kids break up almond bark.

2. Kids (attempt to) put sticks in apples while mom microwaves almond bark for 90 seconds (THAT’S IT!).

3. (Mom helps put sticks in apples)

4. Stir almond bark

5. Kids dip apples

6. Kids coat apples in nuts

7. Voila!


I was also very pleased that these were a lot less messy than caramel apples to eat. The almond bark hardened into perfect shape but was easier for little mouths than caramel or regular chocolate.


It did feel a little ‘weird’ to my husband and I to not have caramel on the ‘caramel’ apples, but I was thinking a drizzle of caramel ice-cream topping from the Dollar Tree would do the trick and still keep the cost down.

As for the kids – they LOVED them. They didn’t know the difference and think that this is what fall  apples are supposed to taste like! 

They want to make them again soon – and I think we will because why not? How many deserts can you make in under 15 minutes with 4 little kids for under $10? :-) Definite score!


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