Insides of a Pumpkin Craft

I’ve been realizing lately there is so much information that we, as adults, know and just take for granted–information that maybe our young children don’t even know to think about.

Fall seems like a good time to analyze the insides of various produce items—apples, nuts, pumpkins… The kids and I recently spent a couple days just learning about pumpkins. We did all sorts of crafts, games, and activities, but the main thing we did was to cut open a pumpkin and talk about what was inside it and how everything worked. Therefore, it seemed appropriate that at the end of our “pumpkin days” they got to make their own pumpkin complete with the insides. Here’s how we did it!


I made paper pumpkins for each child by folding a piece of orange construction paper in half. I then folded it in half again but did NOT bend it that time—I just used the fold as a guide. I cut off one corner and continued to round out the other two edges that did not have a fold.

Next I did 1 SMALL clip to cut the last folded corner. When the paper was folded in half it loosely resembled a pumpkin. This gave the kids a palette of sorts to work on.


When we had cut open our pumpkin a few days before, I saved the pumpkin seeds and roasted and salted them to eat. I didn’t think they tasted very good though, so I was happy to donate them to our craft project. :-) I gave each of the kids a big pile of roasted seeds which they actually enjoyed eating. (I’m sure it was just the fact they got to eat their craft project—that’s always fun!) They each also received a string to represent the strings in the pumpkin and a bottle of Elmer’s glue to make it all stick.

They actually really enjoyed this craft and everything stayed on wonderfully! It was an enjoyable, educational, and edible experience. All 3 are plusses in my book!


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