How to switch out seasonal clothes FAST! (And de-clutter your kids’ closet.)

This is the time of year where many of us need to dedicate some amount of time (hours or even days!) to switching out our clothes, and the clothes of our family members for the new season. I don’t know about you, but every time I used to do this, I would think there must be an easier way to weed through the clothes my kids have outgrown and to track down those that will soon fit them. There are several different methods, and I’m sure we’ll share other aspects of this in future posts, but for now, I have a simple method I have grown to love and I’m excited to share it with you today! :-)

In the weeks leading up to “the big switch,” my kids often outgrow a significant number of clothes. I also start to buy the clothes for the next season. What do I do with all these clothes?Lyd Clothes Organizing

Ta da! Announcing the “Too Big” and “Too Small” boxes!! This has made our life SO much easier! When I notice something is too small, or no longer works for the season, I simply toss it in the “Too Small” box. Similarly, when I buy something new, I wash it and toss it in the “Too Big” box so it is ready to go when needed.

Thanks to these 2 trusty boxes, I kept my kids closet and dresser de-cluttered all summer and when it came time for “the big switch,” it took me approximately 15 minutes for 2 kids! J When I had time later, I sorted them into their appropriate boxes in the basement.


          Here’s what I did: My husband and I went to IKEA and found a 3 pack of collapsible boxes that lined up perfectly on the top of my kids’ closet. I used scrapbook paper, a fun scissors, and a hot glue gun to make cute signs for 2 of them. The other box I laid sideways to hold pack n’ play sheets and pads.

That was it! Just a few minutes, and you can have a de-cluttered kids room and an easy switch to seasonal clothes! :-)

- Lydia

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