How to Clean Lampshades in 1 Minute

           I’ve been on a bit of cleaning kick lately. I’m not sure if it’s the fact my baby is slowly exiting the newborn stage, because my husband recently completed 6 years of seminary, because moving is on our horizon, or simply because it’s “that time of year.” Regardless, I’m exciting to share many fun cleaning tips and ideas with you over the next few (or several?) weeks!

            You know that feeling when you clean and dust your home, yet not EVERYTHING is clean? I decided to tackle an area that’s been bugging for me years. Ridiculous I know! It’s the lampshades in our living room. I had tried wiping them down at different times, but it didn’t work very well. I actually found myself getting stressed about it because they couldn’t just collect dust forever—eventually we’d have to get rid of them and I love our lamps. I knew that would be impractical. I finally looked up how to do it. I read lots of ideas, but one article made the most sense and was also the fastest, easiest and cheapest. How’s that for a win, win, win?! PLUS, it worked GREAT!

Here it is…

            All you do is grab a lint brush and rub it down your lampshade! TADA!!! I did 3 lamps in about 1 minute!


            Disclaimer: We just have normal lampshades—they feel pretty fabric like. This may not work perfectly for all types of lampshades, but it should work well for most.

            So, what are you waiting for? Go grab your lint brush (the sticky paper kind) and wipe down your lampshades. I bet you even have 1 minute to do it! Then sit back and enjoy the clean look it will bring to your home!


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