Home Made Frappe


            As a busy wife and mother, there’s nothing quite like a bit of coffee luxury to break up my day. Whether it’s at 9am after a long night of getting up with sick kids every hour or at 2pm when I can have a few minutes alone to think, a frappacino seems to make everything wonderful. Funny how that works. About 2 years ago, I found a recipe HERE, which I can honestly say, has changed my life. I make one of these frappacinos almost daily and we have actually saved money in the long run since I now prefer them to coffee shops. Hard to believe, huh? I love the versatility of this recipe. I’ll share it and then give some additional ideas.


½ cup coffee

½ cup milk

6-8 ice cubes

2 ½ T pudding mix (Any kind. I like chocolate)

Fun ideas:

If you want it thicker and more creamy you could add about 1/8 t xanthan gum. I only recently started doing this. It’s not necessary at all, but it’s kind of fun.

Flavored coffee tastes SO cool! Any kind is fine though.

Any kind of milk is fine. I use soy.

I’ve found that 6 ice cubes if the coffee is cold, 7 if it’s room temperature, and 8 if it’s hot is about perfect.

You can use any kind of pudding mix. It’s fun to experiment. I typically just use chocolate.

You can add any mix-ins you like. I’ve done chocolate chips, coconut, flavor syrups, hot fudge, chocolate syrup, cake… Try whatever! J


I figure this drink costs me around $0.33 a day. It depends on a lot of things. We actually get soy milk for free, so I’m really only paying for the pudding mix. At Aldi you can get chocolate or vanilla for $0.59, otherwise, I typically pay about $0.79 or a little less to get it on sale anywhere else. One frappacino uses about 1/3 of a package.

If you are looking for some fun coffee luxury in your day and you don’t want to leave your house or break the bank, I highly recommend this frappacino!


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