Having a School Spot


Last year the kids and I did our formal preschool between the couch and dining room table.It went fairly well, but I was always a little frustrated because to them, the couch is a hang-out and relax spot and school was sometimes hard to focus on in their comfy zone.

I hadn’t actually realized this until I read a fascinating article about how our bodies respond accordingly to different locations if you use those locations for the same activity every time.


If you always work and focus at your desk, your body will respond by being more alert when you sit down there.

Similarly, if you have a favorite chair where you always relax, your body and mind will also relax when you sit there.

I know that kids have to obey and sit still, but I was completely intrigued by the idea of making it EASIER on them (okay…and me!) by creating a spot that they could more automatically focus.

I began to think about how to create a school zone in our small home. I wanted it away from their normal hang-out and play areas.
PictureWe do have a spare room where my husband’s desk and my desk is located, and it gets great morning light.

Also, I found my garage sale find of the decade last week – a PRESCHOOL SIZED ROLL TOP DESK!

I moved the desk into the spare room and we set up school! :-)

I was surprised at the difference in the kids natural responses during school time. 

By having a ‘school zone,’ I’ve been able to set a different precedent for our ‘classroom.’

We sit straight in the class room (like a soldier and like a pretty princess), we practice our three classroom rules (ahem…we are learning to practice our three classroom rules), and we try to stay focused during the time we are in there.

During book time, the kids take turns at their little desk and my husband’s desk.

So far, it’s been a great change that has helped us immensely in the start into a new school year!

What environmental changes help your children with their school?


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