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Finding Faith Among Laundry

In Psalms, the writer portrays an example of gettingg through the lonliest and darkest by relying on God’s

1. Past works

2. Character

Motherhood is an opportunity for Christian women to be sanctified and  to

His Character

When the kids are ‘impossible,’ we can remember that He is the source and can help them to understand His truths and give us the wisdom that we desperately need to reach their selfish little hearts.

When we are pregnant or overworked (or both), we can remember that He is the source of strength for the weary and heavy laden.

When we are sinking into fear because of the economy, finances, family struggles, we can remember His power to turn the ‘heart of the king,’  to provide, and to be glorified in the reconciliation of selfish people.

His Past Works

   -Works in His Word

The Westminster catechism states that God reveals his character, law, and wrath in nature and His mercy toward His people in His word. How often we take for granted the love that He gave us! How wonderful as a Christian mom to have a saving faith to tell our children about!

   -Works He allows us to experience to Grow Our Faith

I used to train teachers to teach in children’s ministry work over the summer. Each summer I’d have the great joy of watching these young Christians grow in their faith as they saw God work through them to share His incredible truths with children and teens.

Over several years I noticed a surprising pattern. God would often give the most exciting experiences to the youngest Christians we sent out.

At first I thought it was that their faith was stronger or purer – you always hear that new Christians have that excited, idealistic faith, but no, slowly I started to see that in His incredible grace, God would allow the less mature Christians to see His working hand so their faith would grow in Him.

I realized that:

Getting to see God work is a gift.

It’s God who brings the opportunities.

It’s God who brings the increase.

Him using us is a gift of grace we don’t deserve.

All the teachers we sent out were willing, faithful, and fulfilling their callings yet some just didn’t see as much fruit. And usually the ones who saw less fruit were the less likely.

I’ve thought back to those summers many times. Seeing God open closed hearts, work in churches, and provide funds, spiritual lessons, and witnessing opportunities. There was one time, I unknowingly met with a witch. Verse after verse of truth came to my mind as she tried to undermine God’s word. Never had I been more in awe of God. He used the conversation to grow my weak faith.

Those times of ‘spiritual fireworks’ seem far away now. I’m on to a new lesson – learning contentment amidst laundry, dishes, grumpy, selfish children, and my dealing with the wickedness of my own mind day in and day out.

This time more then before I need to rely on His character and remember His past work that I’d experienced – and much more importantly that He revealed in His word. He sent His son to conquer sin and death. He saves us from our own depravity. He has kept me from Hell and my own wicked heart’s desires again and again.

This morning my heart was breaking to see some ‘spiritual fireworks’ again. 


I was praying in the office, sitting on a chair with my eyes shut tightly to hold in the tears as I asked God to show His power and grow my weak faith. I was very earnest. I leaned forward with my elbows on my knees and head bent downward but eyes still shut.

I wanted fireworks not faithfulness in monotony.

Where was God’s working hand now?

Finally, I opened my eyes not knowing that God had already brought the answer.

3 inches from my nose was the smiling face of my 15 month old.

“Mommy!” She sang out.2028713.jpg
Unbeknownst to me, she had come in quietly and was standing just in front of me for probably the end of the prayer.

It was a good reminder.

Little miracles are right in front of us. Sometimes we focus on the prestigious or exciting ministries and miss the precious ones right in front of our faces.

Our children.

I’m glad that God helps us to see His working hand.

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