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Fall Tree Invitation to Play

photo 1It just wouldn’t be fall without a fresh, fun invitation to play! The kids and I have been learning about the seasons lately, and of course, honing in on fall. Today they used play dough to decorate their own multi-colored fall trees.


I use THIS play dough recipe often, so we have accumulated several colors. I gave each child small balls of each color that could work for leaves. Today, I didn’t care that much if the colors mixed a bit as some of these colors were getting quite old. I also gave each child 1 stick (to start with) that they had picked up during a recent fall walk. By the end, we added in several more sticks and a few pom poms for fun.


photo 2We talked about fall, why and how the leaves change colors and fall off the trees. We flipped through a book about the seasons and discussed it, and we also looked up pictures of fall leaves on google images to view the many color options. Then I presented each of them with their plate and explained that they were going to get to make their own fall tree and to give it as many fun colors as possible!


They loved it. We had all different varieties!


photo 3Then of course, they went on to create other things as they often do, but how often do you get to to play with multiple play dough colors that you can mix a bit anyway? :-)



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