Every Woman Should Have a Tool Box

Why Every Women should have a Tool Box

Across America husbands have been coming home for decades to their wives’ “Honey Do” Lists.

“Honey, can you fix the front door handle?”

“Honey, the stair carpet is coming loose. If you don’t nail that down soon, someone could trip and fall. It’s a lawsuit waiting to happen!”

“Honey, do you think you could take apart the pea trap? The kids dropped my wedding ring down there. Long story; don’t ask!!”

I’m not saying it is bad that the vast majority of we girls have these lists. It is just a fact.

We can all see the American summer scene: Drinking lemonade, neighbor kids playing baseball next door, and the typical husband working on (or being nagged to work on) his wife’s list.

This was us too – for the first 4 years of marriage.

My wonderful husband was working 2 jobs, starting a home business and working through 2 grad degrees, and I was keeping track of my honey-do list.

But the fact is – a lot of the items on my list were things I could do.

Why don’t we just take care of those items? Why live for months with a loose cabinet hinge or a chipped out tile?

  1. Fear: It is intimidating to mud a hole in the wall, replace a carpet piece or tighten a hinge.
  2. Laziness. I’m guilty of this!
  3. Stereotypes: I couldn’t do those projects!! Those were men jobs! No. Actually no. They are not ‘men’ jobs.

I do recognize that we are limited by our size in many cases. But there are a lot of jobs besides hanging a door or lugging a full shop vac up the stairs.

However, WE are joint partners in the home and usually the declared keepers of the home. If he is too tired, too busy or too distracted to deal with that list – just get it done.

No hard feelings. Your partner needs you to pull your weight in that area. Do it with a smile. It’s a joy to be his helper in other areas. Why not here?

  1. Lack of Training: I’ve been amazed at the helpfulness of Google on this issue. YouTube and Ehow are my favorites. :-)
  2. We simply can’t find the right tools in all his stuff!

(My husband is amazingly organized. He can find his tools. I can’t. There are too many weird alien looking tools in with the 15 ‘normal’ tools.)

Last Christmas my husband was given a $10 tool set. He didn’t need it. He has a ridiculously massive arsenal of tools (in my humble opinion).

So I got it!

Lo and behold. It just takes a screw driver to fix the front door handle.

A hammer and nails are all that’s needed to get loose stair carpet.

And a wrench or maybe a plumbers wrench will take care of the pea trap. (I highly suggest a bucket too. :-) )

No more wasted time hunting through his tools for a simple screw driver. I have my own!

No more cold trips out to the garage.

No more ‘discussions’ about tools I still have out because I was ‘in the middle of a project.’

And best of all – when my cute husband walks in at the end of the day, I show him my work – and not my ‘Honey-Do” list. :-)

- Verity

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