Enjoying the Day to Day



Tucked in the middle of Leo Barbatau’s wonderful list “72 Ways to Simplify Your Life,” is the wise suggestion to sprinkle your day with things you love.

I think there are two types of pleasures that can dot our day – the ones we can do and the ones we can notice.

Pleasures we can do.

  • A friend lights a candle every day when she finishes cleaning her house
  • I enjoy a morning coffee (complete with real chocolate melted in!)
  • A chapter of a novel at lunch to escape the monotony of a workday.
  • A short nightly date with your loved one – even just to touch base – even for just a few minutes – to sit down and enjoy each other’s company
  • A brisk walk around the block
  • A fruity protein shake to break up a long afternoon
  • A set time to take10 minutes and check your favorite blog

But I think there are also pleasures each day that we need to notice.

We have so many moments in our day that we could enjoy that we miss because rather then live in the pleasure of the moment, we are thinking of the responsibility of the future.

Basically, stop to smell the roses!

Small children are amazing at this. My children delight in the simplest things. From waving goodbye to my husband when he leaves for work to going to Walmart to eating lunch. Everything is a pleasure. (well – unless they don’t like lunch…)

I think we as adults miss all the wonder that is around us.

  •  The serene silence on the way to work or the store
  • The crisp beauty of a winter afternoon.
  • The joy in our children’s faces as they chatter about their toys
  • The refreshing torrent of a hot shower
  • The combination of flavors in even a simple sandwich

I used to dread end of nap time each day. It was like in the space of 20 seconds the house could go from productive and brimming with potential to filled with 2 or 3 groggy and demanding little people – with eyes barely open yet already asking for things.

But I’ve finally started to notice a ripe moment to enjoy a pleasure when they wake.

It’s a great opportunity to get a free hug and enjoy one of my kids. Several months ago I started to say something  like “Hello! You are up! I’m happy to see you! Mama loves you!”


And while the mute hum of productivity may cease abruptly with the thump, thump, thumpity, thump of little feet, I am genuinely happy to see them. Just saying it, just pausing an extra moment to get a hug, (or even grabbing a 3 minute cuddle time!) has helped me recognize it.

The fact is we are blessed. God in His mercy has made the beautiful sun to shine on each of us. Sometimes we need to stop being so utilitarian and task-oriented that we can enjoy it.


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