turkey puppets

Easy Turkey Puppets

Craft projects are great to do with kids, but what’s really fun is when your child can use that project as a toy! Voila! Two things accomplished at once AND you just bought yourself a bit of time to get something accomplished. :-)

Today’s project does just that. It’s a turkey puppet!

What you need:

·         Lunch bags (so cheap to buy!)

·         Paper and markers or colored paper

·         Glue

I like to have the kids color their own paper whenever possible so it personalizes the craft and gives them more involvement. Otherwise, all they are really doing is gluing paper. The best way I’ve found to do this is to have them color large sections of paper and then I cut it out into the right shape. If they are older they can cut it of course.

You will need:

·         Brown for the tummy

·         Red for the wattle by the beak

·         Yellow for the beak and feet

·         Whatever colors your kids want to use for as many feathers as they want :-)

·         I just did white circles with black dots for eyes, but googly eyes would be fun too!

Have them color, (cut?), and glue the pieces onto the bags and they have made their very own turkey puppets!

You can also use the opportunity to teach colors, shapes, all about turkeys, what they say, and so on. I found THIS site to be very informative.

Have fun!


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