Easy Leaf Wreaths


Leaves, leaves, they’re everywhere at this time of year! My kids love to go for fall walks and hear the leaves crunch beneath their feet. We decorated little tote bags from Dollar Tree a few weeks ago and we’ve had fun using them to collect things on our walks. It was only natural to collect leaves one day. Then there was the question of what to do with all of those leaves…

I had the kids lay out their leaves on the dining room table. We discussed why they changed color and each of the colors. Then, I quickly cut out the center of a few paper plates. I gave each child some newspaper to catch the glue and they each got their own bottle of Elmer’s glue. In this particular project I figured the more glue the better, so I just let them have fun. They glued their leaves around the edge of the plate however they wanted. Even though they are ages 1-4, they needed very little help from me—it was hard to mess it up. They really enjoyed themselves and did a great job of sharing leaves with each other too.

The wreaths turned out BEAUTIFULLY! Much better than I expected, so I actually found some wreath hooks and hung them on our doors. The kids felt so special when they saw their leaf wreaths hanging on the doors as an actual decoration and my husband and I enjoy coming home to their creations. J


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