Easy, Fun, and Valuable Preschool ‘Subject’


Our favorite and easiest preschool subject is something we do right at the beginning of school every day.

-It is the kids’ favorite ‘subject.’ They are always eager and excited to start school because they love this so much.

- It opens many good Bible teaching examples that they are ready for.

- It is easy to do every day.

- It has helped the kids to join in the worship at church.

- It only takes a couple minutes of prep each month.

So what is it?


For the last year and a half, we start school with a hymn each morning.

I pick a hymn we sing at church, and we sing one a month with school – learning a new verse each week. As we go through the month, I highlight what we have learned so far. We don’t always learn all the verses, but the word pictures and teaching opportunities are enthusiastically received by my little pupils.

I’ve also found it helps me, as a mom with just little ones to focus on bigger, eternal things if I put a copy on the fridge (my favorite spot ever!) to sing throughout the day when school has ended.

They don’t normally sing with me during the day, but they smile when I’m singing a song they know.

And they LOVE to sing a hymn they know with the congregation at church!!

(It is also one of the best feelings in the world to be at church and have your 3 and 4 year olds join in the worship!!)


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