Easy Castle Ice Cream Cake

Is there anything better then a castle cake?

A castle ICE CREAM cake!

And this one is super easy!

I saw the picture of this cake online (though I don’t know where the original source was. There were many websites with the basic design.) But my son had requested an ice-cream cake.

So my mom suggested this super easy stacking ice-cream cake.

It was easy, fool-proof, and FUN to assemble. The kids even helped with most of it!


- 12-18 Hershey’s Bars (Buy 3 six packs to be safe)

- Oreos or Oreo-like cookies

- 9X13 Cake Mix

- Half Gallon Ice Cream

- Frosting

(Optional) Sprinkles

(Optional) Toy

- I’ve also seen this where they used a Kit Kat bar for a drawbridge

(Admittedly, the one thing this cake is NOT is cheap. It costs between $15 – $25!)



9X13 cake cut in half




Level the cake off



Cut ice-cream in half and stack between the cake and then stack the other cake piece on top.



Put cake in freezer (I had to put it in several times so the ice-cream would not melt.)



Make a sugar and milk paste



Stack oreo-like cookies to make columns sandwiching the paste in-between the cookies.



Enlist kids to help (They are really good at breaking apart all the Hershey bricks.)

Have lots of fun snitching chocolate with kids until everyone is sick.



Assemble cake!

(I forgot to take pictures of actually assembling it. :-/ )

You frost the cake part. (The frosting will NOT stick to the ice-cream,but the Hersheys bricks stick just fine!)

Then line up the Hershey’s pieces as pictured.

Add the columns.

(Optional) Sprinkle

(Optional) Add Toy








This tastes really, really good too.


It was a big hit! :-)


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