Christ-Focused Christmas Tradition Series (Part 6)

St. Nicholas Day

Happy St. Nicholas day everyone!!

Every December 6th – right before the biggest Christmas rush this well-timed holiday is my FAVORITE way to talk about Santa with my kids and take the day to focus on being giving and generous – like he was.

FIRST THING: We start the day with the German tradition of filled shoes (which they put out the night before).

Saint Nicholas

In Germany they do not do stockings but shoes instead. They kids put them outside – and the neighbors are often the ones to come fill them! I grew up with stockings, but I enjoy this tradition from my missionary kid husband’s childhood, and we do this instead.

AFTER BREAKFAST: The kids and I read a book about the real Nicholas who has inspired many by his love for Christ and others. My favorite book is this one which I mentioned in my post yesterday.

ALL DAY: The kids help me make their Christmas gifts for family and friends! I can’t post pictures because I know my family reads this, but I love practicing generosity after talking about it!



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