Christ-Focused Christmas Tradition Series (Part 3)

2012-12-19 at 16-52-58Christmas Baking for the Neighbors

Growing up, Mom would make dozens of green frosted kringles,  wrap each in tinfoil topped with a  bow and then send my sister and I door to door dropping off holiday cheer to our neighbors.

It was very memorable to us, and we each continue the tradition in our own way – because we learned the blessing of stopping and trying to give.

Lyd (who is the better baker) makes her own kringles – while I settle on a few different cookies plastic-wrapped on plates (or last year with a new baby in the house I kept perspective and settled on bags of store-bought chocolates and cards.

A week or two before Christmas, the kids and I drop off the sweets. The kids love it, and it is nice to touch base with neighbors in a friendly way in the dead of winter. (Living in MN, we can go months without talking because we are all bundled in our houses!)



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