Baby Jesus Craft

My kids and I have been having so much fun this year discussing and preparing for Christmas. This has included many games and craft projects. It was important to me though, that early on we do a craft specifically of Baby Jesus so they would recognize the fact that He is, and should be, central at this time of year. Plus, what kid doesn’t like to have his own baby to play with??Picture

I needed to find something that didn’t require buying supplies, so here is what I came up with.

·         A toilet paper roll cut in half lengthwise—I actually just cut up paper towel rolls.

·         Half a craft stick—I was excited to see that I could break them and then cut off the jagged edges!

·         A Permanent marker

·         A strip of yellow paper

·         A piece of felt or fabric

·         Glue


            I gave each child the paper towel roll portion with the paper that I had cut the edges and fluffed up with my fingers. We talked about why Jesus was born in a manger, what that would have been like, and so on. They glued in the paper to represent straw.

They each received a “baby” (craft stick half) with a face drawn on it. Older children could do this themselves.

They got to pick their color of felt for the “swaddling clothes” and we discussed what that meant as they wrapped up their babies. I ended up using a hot glue gun for the blankets, but you could probably use fabric glue and let them do it.

I then let them decide if they wanted me to glue their babies into their manger or leave them out to play with. One child wanted hers glued, the rest left them out.

This craft was big hit! They loved playing with their babies, singing them to sleep, and taking them in and out of the mangers. I think it also worked well to help them understand who Baby Jesus was as we discussed it. I like that it gives them a tangible reminder to hold and play with throughout the month.


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