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Apple Wreaths


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I love to decorate my home with my kids’ crafts projects—and they love to see their creations hanging around our home! That’s why I especially love projects that can be used specifically for decorations. The kids and I made these great apple wreaths the other day and they were so easy and turned out great!


What you need:

  • Blog Apple Wreath Template for the apples and leaves—or draw your own. :-)
  • Construction paper in red, green, yellow, and brown—or have your kids color their own.
  • Paper plates with the center cut out to make a wreath
  • Scissors
  • Glue


Throughout the morning, we talked about apples, different kinds of apples, what you can do with them, what colors they are, etc. I then gave them each a stack of apples I had cut out ahead of time in red, yellow, and green. You could also have them color the apples in different colors, but this worked best for our timeframe that day. I also gave them each leaves in green and yellow and some brown stems. They had had a paper plate, out of which I had cut the center to create a wreath, and some Elmer’s glue (though my 2 year old switched to a glue stick part way through and it worked just fine.)


I let them have at it and here is one of their creations. Fun, Festive, Fall wreaths! :-)



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