Anniversary Dinner for…5


Recently we celebrated our 5th anniversary. :-) It was also the first anniversary where my oldest 2 were aware of marriage and somewhat conscience of what it meant.

We’ve had 5 weddings this summer, and they’ve learned a lot about the husband and wife concept.

As the day grew closer, I decided to take a slightly different approach to our anniversary then I’d personally seen modeled in the past. I wanted the kids to be aware of our anniversary and how blessed we were to have a marriage so I realized I needed to bring them into the celebration.


My Goals for our 5th Anniversary:Goal 1: Celebrate it with my wonderful husband.

  • Money was tight this year, but we did have a special Chicago trip a couple months ago that I counted as our anniversary trip.
  • Romantic date (of course!) :-)

Goal 2: Model it as important and special for my kids.

  • We had donuts for breakfast
  • We ate a special dinner (pictured)
  • We talked to them about how blessed we were and showed them some pictures of the wedding.
  • We kept a celebratory attitude through the day

My kids are still little, but I know that we’ve at least shown them that marriage is a blessing and that their parents are thankful for each other.

What are some traditions that you have implemented to teach your children the importance of something that is important to you?

- Verity

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