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Us Twins

Homemaking is a wonderful and challenging job. We are about as different from each other as can be, but we share a the same heart – to create Christ-centered, joyful homes where our families can learn to love Him more.

We try to post once a week about minimalism, homeschooling, our triumphs (or failures) in homemaking, and the lessons God is teaching us about motherhood and marriage.

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Please join us (or sign up for on our feed) as we learn, grow and tackle the joys of homemaking motherhood!

Verity: Creative by nature, pragmatic by default, assistant to her husband’s 3 home businesses, mother of four, lives in a small town in  Minnesota. She loves winter cuddles with (soon to be 5) kids, writing, dreaming of being organized, and anything from Germany (especially her cute missionary-kid husband).


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Lydia: Organized by nature, a natural leader, a pastor’s wife, (and military wife too!),and mother of three, lives in the city in Florida with her adventurous husband. She loves chic flicks, teaching at church, the city, specialty coffee drinks, cooking, and traveling.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Laura

    Hi, Verity and Lydia! Is there any way to sign up to receive an email every time you post a new article? Yes, I really am asking to get at least 3 emails from you every week! It would help me remember to read the posts as they are posted. I tend to be very forgetful with out reminders in my email, or some sort of a nudge! Thanks!

    1. Admin Post author

      I’ll admit I don’t know how to set up an email notification system. (We will eventually get that figured out though. My husband is really good at that stuff and plans to help me soon!) I’ll email to let you know when we get that figured out.

      I need to change our description though. I think at best we are probably posting once a week right now. :-)


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