A “Good” Mom

            “You’re a good Mom.” My kids have been telling me this frequently over the last few weeks. They got this idea from my sweet husband who would often reassure me with these words during the difficult last days of his seminary training. Why would he tell me this? I have no idea.  I am not a particularly GOOD mom. I’m a sinner like everyone else. I get angry with my children, frustrated at their slow rate, unhappy with my constant exhaustion and equally as constant cluttered home. I don’t like being up most of the night with a hungry baby or changing sheets yet again soaked by my 3 year old. I get discouraged day after day after day when I discipline my children for the same exact thing and see little (or no) improvement. Yet, they tell me I’m a good mom. Why?



            I recently filled out a baby shower questionnaire to give to a first time mom. One of the questions was “Why is ___________ going to be a great mom?” I thought about this question for days before responding. I was able to do this because I had left her shower early due to my own naughty children. I thought about how this friend was pretty, talented, good with children, her husband is established in a well paying job, they are involved in their church, they have family nearby, they have a lovely home, and on and on the list went. But are these reasons why someone is a good mom? How can we say that someone is a good mom when they have not yet had children? I realized there is one, and only one, reason why I can say that this friend is going to be a great mom: because she is the exact person God chose to be the mother of her baby.


            To the mom who is reading this, do you (like me) often struggle with whether or not you’re a good mom? God does not choose only perfect women to have children. In fact, he doesn’t even choose only perfect women to raise good children. He chose you to raise your children, and God has a perfect plan for you and for them.


            To the mom reading this, doing her very best to raise her children in the way God would have her to raise them, to the mom reading this discouraged by lack of results and exhaustion, to the mom reading this who feels inadequate despite her best efforts, you are a good mom because you are the exact person God chose to raise your children.




4 thoughts on “A “Good” Mom

  1. Verity

    Lyd, I thought this was a great article!!

    When our first was born 2 months early, I was deeply intimidated by the capable nurses in the NICU. Each seemed so much better with him then I was. I allowed those feelings of inadequacy to stay for a long time after finally bringing him home.

    It was 2 years before I finally realized that because GOD HAD MADE ME his mom, I was the best for him because God knows best. I still remember the moment I realized that truth. (I was standing in the grocery store parking lot.) Parenting got easier after that.

    Well written! It was a blessing to me today. :-)

  2. Amanda

    Timely article, Lydia! Sundays are the days that I most frequently analyze my “mom-abilities”. Thank you for the encouragement on a no-nap, noisy during the service, 9 month old just learned to throw toys, kind of Sunday :)


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