Saving Money on Christmas Gifts: Part 2

Inexpensive gifts that show love, care and thought are wonderful budget-friendly options for Christmas.

Until recently, my husband was in graduate school, and we didn’t have hardly any money to put into gifts. Here are some gifts that were well-received.

Scrapbooks & Family Gifts

Most relatives love scrapbooks. When I was 16, I made a scrapbook of memories and pictures for Picturemy grandma. When she died years later, I ended up having something special to remember her by. Old pictures into a small scrapbook of memories with a certain family member, a Christmas scrapbook of Christmas memories, pictures of a family trip that year are all wonderful scrapbook ideas.

A framed family tree that can be made for free on

Last year, Lydia and I made a Winter Swag for our relatives that had recent pictures of everyone in the family. The swag was something wintry to put up after Christmas decor is taken down. It was a big hit but only cost $5 per swag. We will be putting up a post of how to make that next week!


Framed Postcards of favorite paintingsMy husband and and his siblings grew up in Germany. In the city they lived in was a famous painting that all my sisters-in-law liked and had spoken highly of. It’s called the Chocolate Maiden.

Realizing that the painting matched each of the girls’ kitchens, I asked my mother-in-law to bring some post cards from Germany and framed them. Now my sisters-in-law all can have a piece of Germany in their homes here in America.

Lydia also used framed postcards of Monet paintings, and for about $10 created an arrangement on her wall when we were still in high school.

Postcards of many famous paintings can be purchased online through art museum gift shops, and with sales, you can often get great frames at department stores for under $5 each.


Family Heirlooms made into something usefulMy older sister took some of my grandma’s costume jewelry and Glued it unto small storage boxes. It was wonderful to have a useful way to remember such a vivid part of Grandma!

My grandpa had been an artist. Several years ago, I made a wreath for each family member with a santa painting he’d painted in the 40s, some of his old writing instruments, and a couple ornaments that were left from their childhood. They put them up every year.

Memorial of something special that happened or was accomplished that year.

An ornament commemorating a pet that has passed away this year or a special accomplishment like graduation by a family member shows that you care and remember. An ornament gives them a moment to remember that special event or special pet each year.

These are ideas that have worked for me and fit into our limited budget!


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