Organizing During Transitions

transition time is considered any period of time that comes right after a large life change.

Life change is a move, career change, birth of a baby, death of a loved one, marriage etc.
transitionMany people going through a transition time become more interested in decluttering and organizing; this is becausetransition times make us feel like we are not in control, and organizing and decluttering makes us feel like we are in control.

This is a great time to get motivated and make changes, but because of the emotional and physical upheaval involved in such drastic changes, people often struggle when they actually start pairing down stuff.

At the moment we are expecting baby #4 in 5 short weeks! So spurred by this upcoming transition, I’m feeling very motivated to cut any and all extras! Here are some thoughts I have on approaching transitions.

                                                                Approaching Transitions and Decluttering

Enjoy and relish your victories. A big reason you may be organizing now, during a time of upheaval, is to get some control. Stop a minute and be proud of yourself then! You just took FOUR big boxes to Goodwill! You did a good deed and got more control over your closets. Even reward yourself with a frappe coffee drink!. :-) (I love finding reasons to get frappes!!)

Recognize that you may be thinking more clearly in a few months. If there are items that you blank out on and simply don’t know whether not you should get rid of them, just put them in a box and mark them “to go through in three  or six months (set a date on your calendar), when your life settles down a bit. I found that a two years after marriage and year after our first child, I was able to get rid of many more items. I had a better grasp then of our family’s goals and values.

Take control in your main living areas first. If you are feeling claustrophobia from all the clutter, then clear the main areas first. Store the kitchen utensils and appliances that counter but you only use once a month in the closet and take down decorations that are sitting on coffee tables and end tables. The wider open space will make you feel more in control, and later, you can take them back out.

So if you are in a transition, realize what’s going on. This may be a good time to organize, but it may also be a time to just get into the new groove. Both are okay.

- Verity

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