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Sister Bedroom – 3 girls in a 10X10 room

As we talked about our new house, one definite was that it was time for the 3 girls to have their own room.

They share a 10X10 room which houses all their clothes, a reading spot, (usually) 3 girls sleeping (though the 22 month old is temporarily sleeping in the play room), and their toy baskets of favorite toys.


I chose some consistent neutrals such as the white furniture (that I hope will stay constant despite their changing tastes.)

They chose their wall colors (though I admit – I got the lightest and most neutrally tinted colors I could convince them of). The psychological effects of colors is a super interesting study, and I wanted calming warm tints in with their color choices for the simple pragmatic reason that they’d be more cheerful!

They also have their fun bedding from grandma and picked their colors on their baskets.



Their clothes all fit in the 2

  • The dresser holds diaper supplies in the top drawer, socks and undergarments in the second drawer and PJs in the bottom drawer.
  • The baskets hold their play clothes and shoes
  • Their sweatshirts hang on hooks on the side of the dresser and side of the closet

Their favorite toys are in the baskets at the end of their beds and they have to keep their ‘favorite’ toys down in number to fit in the baskets. (Yes, I do have to confiscate the baskets some nights because as I tell them, they are ‘abusing the privilege of having their toys baskets in their beds …”)

Their Own Spaces:

The picture holders above their beds allow them a spot to . (Refer to article on how we made them and cost break-down HERE)photo 3

Each girl gets her own favorite toy basket and no one is allowed in anyone else’s bed without her that person’s permission. (Not that that always happens, but we are working on enforcing the right to personal property…)

The two older girls are religious about their favorite colors right now, and the baby pointed to the yellow paper when I gave her a choice of colors – so that’s how we got purple, pink, and yellow.



SISTERS became the main theme because they are all learning to be thankful for each other right now. (Yes. We totally did a ‘photo shoot’ for the pictures in their room. It was a perfect Friday afternoon when we were supposed to be doing other things)

Butterflies because I saw this super cute idea of paper butterflies flying around the room. (Isn’t it CUTE!!??)

And yes…I talked the girls into the themes. If they’d had free reign, they would have picked

‘princesses.’ I feel like one of the hardest things as a parent is to allow them to be themselves while directing them to be more. 


They play princesses, make up stories about princesses, save up (usually) for princess dolls, and beg to watch princess movies.(And my kids watch a grand total of 1-2 movies a week so it’s not like they are getting a ton of influence.) I decided that a room that surrounds them with beauty – simply because it’s objectively beautiful and not necessarily magical or royal would be a good reminder that they don’t need to be princesses to be beautiful. I also wanted to play up the beauty of sisterhood, unity, and family love.

The room is usually light filled, and they do spend a lot of time in their. I hope they have a lot of great memories :-)


- Verity


Kid-Friendly Fall Apples in under 15 minutes (And for under $10)

I wanted to make candied apples with the kids, but apparently you have to heat the candy coating up to 250 (!!!!!!) degrees to dip -the apples which meant the kids could not safely dip them.  And caramel apples were really expensive.  ($7 for a single pound of caramel plus the need to buy a candy thermometer which made the whole caramel apple thing expensive and not fun in my opinion.)

So I decided to try substituting almond bark, and this turned out to be super fun, fast and very, very kid friendly!


12 apples .98 a lb              $4.21 from Walmart (I picked small ones)

12 craft sticks                    $1 for a package of 24 from Dollar Tree

1 pound Almond Bark       $ 2.98 from Walmart

Container of peanuts         $1 from Dollar Tree


Total Cost:                         $ 9.19



1. Mom and kids break up almond bark.

2. Kids (attempt to) put sticks in apples while mom microwaves almond bark for 90 seconds (THAT’S IT!).

3. (Mom helps put sticks in apples)

4. Stir almond bark

5. Kids dip apples

6. Kids coat apples in nuts

7. Voila!


I was also very pleased that these were a lot less messy than caramel apples to eat. The almond bark hardened into perfect shape but was easier for little mouths than caramel or regular chocolate.


It did feel a little ‘weird’ to my husband and I to not have caramel on the ‘caramel’ apples, but I was thinking a drizzle of caramel ice-cream topping from the Dollar Tree would do the trick and still keep the cost down.

As for the kids – they LOVED them. They didn’t know the difference and think that this is what fall  apples are supposed to taste like! 

They want to make them again soon – and I think we will because why not? How many deserts can you make in under 15 minutes with 4 little kids for under $10? :-) Definite score!


Picture Display Boards

The girls love their new room but needed a place to display their own pictures.IMG_3830

(As you can see… The 3 year old didn’t think she needed paper to express herself. This is by her bed -)IMG_3831

So here is a quick and easy project that looks cute!

Materials for one picture board:IMG_3812

- Pre-primed board 4- 6 feet long

- 1 package Cute clothespins from Michaels (Some of their selection HERE )

- Glue Gun

- 3 finishing Nails

- Hammer

- Stud Finder

IMG_3816So, my husband picked up a pre-primed board from Menards and cut it it half. (They can do that at the store for free too – Home Depot will do multiple cuts though it’s .25 a cut after)

I spaced the clothespins 9 inches apart (though I wish I had spaced them 12 inches apart. The pictures hang right up against each other) and glued each pin with hot glue.)



Ta da! This project literally took 20 minutes (even with kid interruptions). :-)




Then I just used a level, a stud finder, and 3 nails to attach it to the wall.



It’s really, really important to me that my kids grow up learning how to prioritize. I wanted them to have a place to show their interests, but I think it’s really important to help them keep growing and reaching.


I want my kids to create, grow and expand their interests, and I think that part of that is helping them learn to choose what is important to them. They create beautiful drawings now, but tomorrow they will create better drawings and can replace these. Just like they have limited space for their favorite toys, I want them at this age to choose what is ‘important.’ That’s why they each have 5 spots. We have a binder to keep their work if they want, but I want them to only display their favorites and to keep growing and expanding. Unless it is their masterpiece, I don’t want to encourage them leaving a picture up for years.

The girls love their picture boards and have already been using them a lot!

This makes the girls’ room about done. (That article coming soon!) :-)