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Apple Wreaths


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I love to decorate my home with my kids’ crafts projects—and they love to see their creations hanging around our home! That’s why I especially love projects that can be used specifically for decorations. The kids and I made these great apple wreaths the other day and they were so easy and turned out great!


What you need:

  • Blog Apple Wreath Template for the apples and leaves—or draw your own. :-)
  • Construction paper in red, green, yellow, and brown—or have your kids color their own.
  • Paper plates with the center cut out to make a wreath
  • Scissors
  • Glue


Throughout the morning, we talked about apples, different kinds of apples, what you can do with them, what colors they are, etc. I then gave them each a stack of apples I had cut out ahead of time in red, yellow, and green. You could also have them color the apples in different colors, but this worked best for our timeframe that day. I also gave them each leaves in green and yellow and some brown stems. They had had a paper plate, out of which I had cut the center to create a wreath, and some Elmer’s glue (though my 2 year old switched to a glue stick part way through and it worked just fine.)


I let them have at it and here is one of their creations. Fun, Festive, Fall wreaths! :-)




Our Fun Timeline! (K-4 or K-5)

The kids and I are doing American History this semester!

And one of the fun things we’ve been working on is an easy hand-on timeline.


- Print off some pictures of people we’ve been learning about. (The web is filled with free coloring sheets. I just google their names.)

- Color Them

- Cover them with packing tape (to laminate – but way cheaper)

- Cut out the peopleimage

(- The kids get to play with theirs [Reinforcing what we've learned])

-I put to mine on the timeline

That’s it! It’s easy and fun to do each week – and has added a lot to our History!image

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Fall Tree Invitation to Play

photo 1It just wouldn’t be fall without a fresh, fun invitation to play! The kids and I have been learning about the seasons lately, and of course, honing in on fall. Today they used play dough to decorate their own multi-colored fall trees.


I use THIS play dough recipe often, so we have accumulated several colors. I gave each child small balls of each color that could work for leaves. Today, I didn’t care that much if the colors mixed a bit as some of these colors were getting quite old. I also gave each child 1 stick (to start with) that they had picked up during a recent fall walk. By the end, we added in several more sticks and a few pom poms for fun.


photo 2We talked about fall, why and how the leaves change colors and fall off the trees. We flipped through a book about the seasons and discussed it, and we also looked up pictures of fall leaves on google images to view the many color options. Then I presented each of them with their plate and explained that they were going to get to make their own fall tree and to give it as many fun colors as possible!


They loved it. We had all different varieties!


photo 3Then of course, they went on to create other things as they often do, but how often do you get to to play with multiple play dough colors that you can mix a bit anyway? :-)




Fall Scavenger Hunt using Pictures

Lately, I have been trying to savor each day that is warm enough to spend time outside. My kids are probably wondering why they suddenly spend each possible minute breathing in the great outdoors and listening to me talk about how beautiful it is outside even though we seem to add a new layer of clothing each week, but I know that winter is just around the corner. I dread the days of being cooped up in a house for months on end. Admittedly, in my “great outdoor endeavor,” I have struggled to find creative things to do out there. When I came up with the idea of a picture scavenger hunt for my 4 non-readers, I was pretty excited! :-)


I wanted there to be enough variety to keep them searching for the duration of a long walk, but I also wanted it to be attainable since they are between the ages of 2 and 5. I tried to find a variety of items that were somewhat unique to fall. It worked out perfectly!


I printed the sheets on cardstock and the half sheet size worked best for their little hands. I gave them each a pen and explained how to cross off each item as we found them. Within a few seconds they were searching everywhere, looking under things, running through the grass etc. I was impressed not only with their quick ability to find the things on the sheet, but also to find other unique things—like a toad in very urban area. Who would have guessed?! New things were discovered, first experiences had, and great memories were made!

Here’s the template:  Fall Scavenger Hunt

I hope your little ones are able to enjoy it as much as we did!




Helping Someone Who has Miscarried

October is miscarriage awareness month. (At least that is what the many articles and banners sprinkled across my Facebook page tell me.)

Mustering up my courage and facing a lost baby who would now be almost 6 years old, I’ve decided to finally write a couple articles on miscarriage.

Helping someone who has miscarried is hard.

If you’ve wondered what to say to someone who has lost a baby – or if you have lost a child, and you don’t know how to express what you are feeling and going through, I’m writing this article for you. I hope it will be a help.

What is the Mom Feeling?



I do not know of a loss more lonely then a miscarriage. The mother KNEW the baby. She felt it’s movements, dreamed dreams, fell in love. NO ONE else did.

She lost one of the greatest loves of her life, and the rest of the world is unaffected.

Whether she told others or not, it is a very isolating time.


Most mothers struggle with guilt of some sort.

(Did I eat well enough? Did I sleep enough? Could this because I didn’t take good care of myself in college ___ years ago? Is something wrong with my body? Does God think I would be a bad mother?)

Usually the guilt does not even make sense – and usually it is not voiced.

Asaph died 4 days before I miscarried. Somehow the inside of my body bruised up her dead little body during that time, and she was black and blue when I delivered her. I felt guilty for that. The guilt grew in my mind and eventually even made me feel insecure in parenting our second child.

(Now that I voice it, it makes no sense, but in the deep emotions of grief and loneliness, foolish feelings of guilt make sense.)

It took 3 years, and a realization that her death was because God had a BIGGER plan – outside of me and outside of her – before I ‘got over’ that.

Empty Arms

One of the best books on miscarriage is called ‘Empty Arms.’

After a miscarriage, it feels like you should be holding a baby – but the baby is gone. Your arms ache – and your heart throbs, but you can’t hold your child.

No baby is easy to lose, but I’ve been told the first is the hardest because there is no other child to hug and love. Your heart and arms are just empty.

Being around babies and pregnant women can be hard for awhile.

A Different Child Will Not Replace the One Lost

Just because a mother has an older child or gets pregnant again right away – doesn’t change the value of that child. It helps (a little – not as much as you’d think) to fill the heart void of wanting a child, but the miscarried child is still dead. The mother still misses the lost baby.

Constant Reminders (At least a month of physical reminders)

It takes a month before the hormones leave your body so you basically ‘feel pregnant’ for 30 days after your baby dies.

The first week, when the pregnancy-feeling nausea hits, you have these split-second moments that you think you are still pregnant – but then you remember – and you have multiple moments a day to relive the loss.

After a week, you just wish the nausea, cramps and pregnancy- like symptoms would end because you can’t bear the reminders anymore.

Huge Loss of Blood

When I lost Asaph, the doctor said that I’d bleed like a ‘normal period.‘  He’s apparently never miscarried a baby before.

I had to leave work the next day because my clothes were COVERED in blood.

What Can You Do?

Refer to Baby by Name

The baby is not an ‘it.’ The baby is her child. Find out if she thinks it was a girl or boy and then refer to the baby as ‘he’ or ‘she.’

If she has a name, refer to the baby by name. You are showing you believe the baby has value and is a person.

Remember Baby

Most mothers remember their miscarried baby on the day they miscarried. Others hold the baby’s due date as special.

My mother-in-law called me on the first and second anniversaries of Asaph’s death. She remembered my baby – even a year or two later.

She also has a necklace on which hangs a birthstone shoe charm for each grandchild. In Asaph’s place, she put a gold plated bead – and wears the necklace every day. Words don’t express how much that commemoration means to me.

When a baby’s been miscarried, the mother fears his/her memory will be lost. A friend remembering that life is SO IMPORTANT.

Recognize the Baby’s Purpose for Eternity

Miscarried babies are not ‘a mistake.’

They are a part of God’s plan, and they have an eternal purpose both during their short time on this earth and for all of eternity in Heaven.

Asaph’s life and death taught us to not take our children for granted, and now Asaph is serving her purpose in Heaven – praising God. (That is why I named her Asaph. Asaph was a musician who spent his life creating hymns to praise God.)

I realized that Asaph is serving the same purpose all of us should strive to serve – glorifying God!

Just because a baby’s life is short, does not make it less valuable. God, in His incredibleness was able to complete his/her earthly purpose in LESS time and now has brought the baby to Himself to do His next work for him/her.

One helpful book that focused on God’s working hand was “Safe in the Arms of God” by John MacArthur.

Meaningful Presents

  • Something to Hold

As I mentioned earlier, the Mom is feeling like she has ‘empty arms.’ A stuffed animal (or in our case, a puppy) is a huge help.

  • Something to Remember


After Asaph died, I bought a nice box and put in a picture of a 12 week gestation baby (that looked like she had), an outfit that I’d planned to put her in, a scrapbooked card I made with some pictures and her name and the dates she lived, and a poem I wrote 2 years afterward. A couple times a year, I pause a couple minutes and look through the contents of that box – remembering my baby. I’ve also used the box to share my memory of her with my other children. This has been very meaningful and has led to many good conversations.

Footprint necklaces are also very precious. Then you can keep the baby close to your heart. Etsy sells a lot of miscarriage jewelry, but my favorite charms I’ve found is here. I’ve simply bought the chain separately.

  • Cry with the Mother

One of my best, most precious moments only took a second. It was four days after the miscarriage. I was in Sunday school.

A hugely pregnant woman had sat down by me.

I was doing all I could to hold it together when I felt a tap on my shoulder.

I turned to see the tear-filled eyes of a friend.

She silently handed me a small plate of muffins with a simple card.

No words – just mutual sorrow over the death of my baby.

I was NOT alone.


- Verity

2 minute God-Focused Fall Decoration


   In advertising, it is believed that the average person sees an ad 15 times before they begin to yearn for the product and 20 times before they actually buy it.


This is good information to know for all things in life. When teaching your children new information, it will possibly take them 15 times to understand it. When witnessing to others, it will probably take 15 times before they begin to yearn for what you are saying. In the encouragement of spiritual truths, it could take us 15 times before we begin to believe and apply a new concept. This might seem like cold, numerical facts, but it’s information I take very literally in my life in all areas—even decorating my home—as random as that may sound.


You see, as a mostly stay at home mom, I spend a lot of time in my home. I walk the halls and the rooms dozens (if not hundreds of times a day) and I want the items on which I lay my eyes to be edifying and encouraging. I purposely have pictures with Bible verses strategically placed in almost every room of my house. I have a well traveled area devoted to my husband’s and my wedding pictures so we are constantly reminded of the vow we took that day—and so our children are reminded of our unity. I center my seasonal decorations on concepts that are God focused.


Over the next few months, I’ll be sharing several things we do, but today, I thought I’d share one simple, cheap, favorite fall idea. :-)


All you do is take your pumpkin, select a favorite Bible verse or quote (I like to do one on thankfulness for thanksgiving, but you could do one on the seasons, God’s mercy, God’s faithfulness, or anything), and use a permanent marker to write the verse on the pumpkin. If you know how to do calligraphy that would look great, but I just write it plain. My main goal with this decoration is to serve as reminder for why this is a special season—we have so much for which to be thankful! We should stop in both the good and bad moments of the day and Praise God from whom all blessings flow because His mercies are new every morning. The seasons change, but God remains the same. Yesterday, today, and forever, Jesus is the same. Great is His faithfulness unto us. We can go into His gates with thanksgiving in our hearts and into His courts with praise. We can say this is the day the Lord hath made and rejoice and be glad in it. What a wonderful season to praise our great God! And what a wonderful, festive way to be reminded that we should do just that.



Organizing Patterns

5 years ago I was given a book that opened my eyes to organizing patterns.

It was Julie Morgenstern’s “Organizing from the Inside Out” that showed me organizing systems need to be based on our life patterns.

At the time I had the CUTEST little hamper – but it only fit in my son’s nursery on the OPPOSITE wall from the changing table. Consequently, I was always tossing his dirty clothes unto the floor and needing to pick them up later.

I thought the problem was me – that I wasn’t organized, but the problem was that I had not set up the room based on what would be easiest for me to maintain within my system.

(And let’s be honest, if it’s not easy to do within our systems and organizing patterns, we don’t do it!)

So I decided to post a couple things that work within my system and with my personality right now.

Organizing Right After Shopping

photo photo-2

For some reason I really enjoy putting away groceries, but when I cook, I’m in a HURRY because I have a deadline. For this reason, I put my spices in cute containers at my FAVORITE time to organize in order to make it easier for my LEAST FAVORITE time to pull things in and out. For the same reason, I put baking supplies in super cute, labeled mason jars. :-)

Limiting Organizing When Kids are Up

A month ago, I learned that I am an introvert, and as a visual learner, I can think BEST in silence. This means that I organize POORLY with interruptions and ANYONE talking to me. (And since one of my children CANNOT not talk [until we get that trained], this means that I need to limit my organizing when that child is awake.)

Organizing During a Whole Nap Time

So Once a week I clear out all my clutter baskets (which I will write about in a future post), clear all clutter from the house, and organize. I can clean, cook, fold clothes, do dishes, or even paint when my kids are up. I simply cannot organize. Recognizing this about myself has helped me stay a lot more sane!!!

When works for you to organize?

When does NOT work for you to organize?


Check out how I put more of Julie’s awesome techniques into action HERE

Redecorate a room for FREE–tips and ideas!

The paint that provides the proper atmosphere, the pictures that elicit memories and direction to a room’s theme, the furniture that blends in as not to distract from a particular look, the knick knacks strategically chosen to enhance and not take over a room, and the throw pillows carefully selected to add just the right pop of color.  A lot of work goes in to decorating each room of our homes. But what do you do when you realize you want to drastically change the look of a room and have little or no money to do it?


I recently faced this conundrum. After having my 3rd child in the dead of a frigid winter and spending months sitting in my living room chair staring at the room around me, I decided I couldn’t take it anymore! I’ve never been gifted in the world of decorating. In fact, on a scale of 1 to 10 in great decorators I am admittedly a 0, so after perusing Pinterest for hours (I could do that since I spent all day every day in my big comfy chair feeding my newborn) and a visit to my Mom’s house to discuss the reality of my findings, I came up with a way to redecorate my entire living room for FREE! I’ve been SO happy with it; I’m excited to share some ideas with you today.


I should mention that I realize not everyone is going to have the same needs or will have the same items just sitting around their house, but I hope this will encourage you to look and see what you can use to freshen up a room or make some desired changes in your home. We spend so many hours in our homes; it’s where our children play, our family talks, where friends and strangers alike have the opportunity to see us. Our home is a testimony and place where we can be a blessing to each other and to others. The decorations matter.



Here is what our living room looked like before. Basically it was a Tuscan theme gone VERY badly. We sold our brown couch when our 2nd child was born so we could move the futon out of the kids’ room. The electric blue color entering my Tuscan living room certainly didn’t help an already struggling theme. Between crazy furniture and my attempt at curtains we ended up with some sort of weird patriotic theme with orange and brown stripes. Embarrassing, I know.


I knew I couldn’t change the furniture. I had to think in terms of little things that would work together to change the direction of the room. I used the items that had to stay as my backdrop. For me, this meant my staple colors became blue and brown: wooden and electric blue futon, brown cedar chest, brown chair, and blue chair with brown legs. Once I looked at it that way, I realized my furniture kind of coordinated. Amazing!


Next, I needed to find a focal point of the room. This is always important. What item are you going to use to focus the colors of the room around? For me, it was this large, inexpensive picture my husband and I had purchased while engaged. It’s nothing special for sure, but it incorporates the blues and offers the freshness I was hoping my room would render. It also contains various other colors to give me option in my endeavor to redecorate for free.


I then moved to the next biggest item I thought would affect the room: the curtains as we have 3 living room windows. I’m a TERRIBLE seamstress, so I knew whatever I chose had to be no sew—or at least VERY little sew. Thankfully, there are many great options out there for no sew curtains. But they require fabric. I explored the idea of using table cloths, tiny little window skirts that could be done inexpensively, strips of fabric hanging down from my curtain rods to create panels, hot glue gunned curtains, using shower curtains, and even no curtains at all. These are all fine options. Miraculously for me, I remembered that a couple years ago my older sister had given me some curtains she no longer needed. They were a light blue. At the time, I was all about burgundy, so I gladly handed them off to my other sister and forgot about them. In God’s provision, he brought this faint memory to mind, and my sister who had the curtains lives only 15 minutes away. She still had them and wasn’t really using them! I got FREE curtains—and there were 3 of them!


Then I moved to the couch—my throw pillows had to leave the scene, but I couldn’t buy new ones, and our large futon needed something to break up the electric blue. I could have made simple pillows, but I would have had to stuff them—read this as BUY stuffing. Then I found ideas on Pinterest for no sew pillow covers! I liked THIS one (#31 )the most, but I needed fabric. What were my options? I remembered an old sheet set where the fitted sheet had holes worn into it. My husband had told me years ago to save it, so I did. The top sheet was completely fine and it was a $200 set of sheets that had been given to us as a wedding present. I love pima!! I simply cut it in half, did the correct fold on our existing pillows, and viola; I had FREE new pillow covers in about 10 minutes! It’s also really nice because I can just pull the covers off to wash them when needed—and they’re SUPER soft! I didn’t hem the raw edge, though it would be a nice idea.


I needed a corresponding blanket on the back of the couch to break things up, pull the room together, and give us a blanket with which to get cozy when the kids and I read together. We had been given one as wedding present that had various purples and blue in it. It actually worked great with the blues on the furniture and with the picture!


Lastly, I pulled out a special table runner my husband had bought for me in Germany to use on the cedar chest. It is delicate and has the right colors. I had never before envisioned it for the cedar chest, but it has worked wonderfully—we’ve even managed to keep it clean!


There you have it: My newly redecorated living room for FREE!! And I love it!



I hope this helps to give you idea on ways you could redecorate a room for free. Clearly, every person will have different items just sitting around their home (or a sister’s home), but it’s about thinking outside the box. Figuring out what you are capable of, what your goals are, and what can be used to accomplish those goals.


Happy decorating! (And I’d love to hear what you’ve used or repurposed to decorate your home!)




10 Freezer Meals from your Pantry!

Have you ever had one of those times when you desperately wanted to be a blessing to someone, but you didn’t have very much money or were unable to go shopping? In the past, I’ve just lowered my eyes and said I couldn’t help by providing food for someone, but when a couple of different friends had legitimate needs recently, I decided to figure out a way to help! I was so pleased and encouraged with the results, that I thought I would share them in the hopes of encouraging someone else to step up to the challenge of helping even when you feel like you can’t. So, here is a list of freezer meals (or just meals) that most likely can be made completely from your pantry without an extra trip to the grocery store!

To preface: my main issue is always having fresh meat on hand for freezer meals. I don’t like to use meat that has been frozen before, plus meat is expensive so we are using it less and less. For these recipes I mostly went for beans and grains. We always have STACKS of canned beans in our pantry or dry ones for backup. Rice and Quinoa are also staples plus some noodles. I tend to have an overabundance of tuna so that’s an easy one to grab too. Many of these meals call for cheese, so it depends how much you have on hand. I buy ahead on cheese to freeze and for each of these meals I can add it frozen and then freeze the meals without ever affecting my frozen cheese. Everyone has different pantry items, but I felt like these meals mostly used staples. For spices, I often use onion powder in place of an onion. 1 T = 1 onion. I also use garlic powder in place of garlic cloves. ¼ t = 1 garlic clove. Some things in these recipes can easily be omitted if you don’t have them. :-)

Also just to note a pet peeve of mine. When you give a meal to someone to be a blessing to them, take note of the container in which you give the meal. It’s probably best not to use your own container where they have to somehow wash it and remember to return it. Also, they may be receiving lots of meals and freezer space could be tight. I find it best to use gallon size freezer bags folded in half and the meal flattened to take as little space as possible.


South of the Border Pie

This is a FAVORITE for us! Always the first freezer meal I make for someone in need. I usually have all of the ingredients, it’s cheap, easy, and a healthy comfort food.

Taken from the Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook.


½ cup chopped onion (1 medium)

2 cloves garlic, minced

1 T olive oil or cooking

1-2 t chili powder

1 t ground cumin

¼ t salt

1 15 oz. can red kidney beans rinsed and drained

(I’ve also substituted pinto beans)

1 ½ cups cooked brown rice

1 cup shredded cheddar cheese

¾ cup milk

2 beaten eggs

1. In a saucepan cook onion and garlic in hot oil until tender but not brown. Stir in chili powder, cumin and salt. Cook 1 minute more; cool. Stir in beans, cooked rice, cheese, milk and eggs.

**If doing a freezer meal, pour mixture into a gallon size bag, fold in half and freeze. Write the following for directions. Have the recipients thaw it first.**

2. Spray a 10 in. pie plate or quiche dish with nonstick cooking spray. Spoon mixture into pie plate. Bake, uncovered, in a 350 degree oven about 25 minutes or until the center is set. Let stand 10 minutes. If desired, sprinkle with sweet pepper and serve with salsa. Make 6 main dish servings (at most).


Black Bean Taco Soup

This is another favorite. It’s really more the consistency of chili than soup which is nice. You can include a Ziploc bag of uncooked rice if you like. The nice thing is that if you have frozen COOKED hamburger you can dump that in your bag along with all the other ingredients and be done. I love dump meals! Plus, this one makes a TON!

You can find the recipe HERE along with 7 other great recipes


Classic Tuna Casserole

This is another great dump meal if you don’t have much time. I skip the pimientos and put the bread crumbs in a separate Ziploc bag with a note in permanent marker to add 2T melted butter and sprinkle on top of casserole.

You can find the recipe HERE


Copycat Starbucks Black Bean Quinoa Recipe

This one tastes AMAZING and is a nice difference from typical freezer meals. Just wrap them, stick them in a gallon size bag, and freeze them. The recipients can fry them so they’re nice and fresh.

You can find the recipe HERE


Bean and Cheese Quesadillas

Any type of quesadilla works great, but we usually have cheese and refried beans on hand at the very least.

Simply spread refried beans on half a soft tortilla shell and cover with cheese. I also like to add dried cilantro and salt. If you have chicken or hamburger you could add that too.

Fold tortilla in half.

**If doing a freezer meal, line them up in a gallon size bag with parchment or wax paper in between to prevent sticking. Then Freeze. The recipient can thaw them and prepare them as indicated below.**

Melt butter on the stove.

Fry 2 minutes on each side until lightly browned and cheese is melted.


Split Pea Soup

This one always tastes so great and is super easy! I don’t always have a ham bone, so I throw a couple strips of bacon in there—tastes amazing!

Taken from the Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook.


2 cups chicken broth

1 cup dry split peas, rinsed and drained

1 to 1 ½ pounds meaty smoked pork hocks or meaty ham bone

¼ t dried marjoram crushed

1 bay leaf

½ cup chopped carrot (1 medium)

½ cup chopped celery (1 stalk)

½ cup chopped onion (1 medium)

  1. In a large saucepan combine first 5 ingredients with a dash of pepper. Bring to boiling; reduce heat. Cover and simmer for 1 hour, stirring occasionally. Remove meat. When cool enough to handle, cut meat off bones, coarsely chop meat and discard bones. Return meat to saucepan.
  2. Stir in carrot, celery, and onion. Return to boiling; reduce heat. Cover and simmer for 20-30 minutes more until vegetables are tender. Discard bay leaf.

Makes about 5 ½ cups (4 main dish servings).

I’ve actually found it turns out best if you add the vegetables at the beginning with everything else.


Lentil Soup

Doesn’t get much cheaper or easier than this one, and everyone loves homemade lentil soup. Admittedly, I omit the sausage.

Taken from the Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook.


1 cup dry lentils, rinsed and drained

1 cup chopped green sweet pepper

1 cup chopped carrots (2 medium)

½ cup chopped onion (1 medium)

2 t instant chicken bouillon granules

2 t snipped fresh sage or ½ t dried sage, crushed

1/8 t ground red pepper

2 cloves garlic, minced

6 oz. fully cooked smoked sausage links, quartered lengthwise and sliced

In a large pot mix lentils, sweet pepper, carrots, onion, bouillon granules, sage, ground red pepper, garlic and 5 cups water. Bring to boiling; reduce heat. Cover and simmer for 20-25 minutes or till lentils and vegetables are tender. Stir in sausage and heat through.

Makes about 7 cups (5 main dish servings).


Pepperoni Stromboli

This one might be more of a stretch when it comes to pantry ingredients, but I always keep a couple extra bags of pepperoni around for those pizza cravings. The taste of this meal is to die for!! If giving it as a freezer meal, simply prepare and wrap in aluminum foil that has been sprayed with cooking spray. Instruct the recipients to thaw it before proceeding with baking instructions.

You can find the recipe HERE



There’s nothing wrong with cooking up the noodles, pouring a jar of spaghetti sauce on top and freezing it for someone. It certainly will make their job easier when it comes to dinner time! If you have hamburger or meatballs, add them.


Fettuccini Alfredo with Broccoli

This can be the same kind of thing. Pour a jar of alfredo sauce on cooked noodles and dump in a partial bag of broccoli florets. I’d love it if someone gave us this meal! If you have it, you can add chicken or shrimp.



Cook up a big batch of pancakes. This is something I can’t do for about 6 weeks after each of our kids is born, but they are my husband’s favorite. He would be one very happy man if someone brought us frozen, homemade pancakes! :-)


I hope this list is helpful and encourages you to find ways to be a blessing to someone even if you don’t feel like you can. I’d also love to hear any ideas you may have on pantry recipes!