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Sun Invitation to Play


“Oh Mr. Sun, sun, Mr. golden sun, please shine down on me…” I often think of that song in the summertime. The big, bright, jolly Mr. Sun just seems to be a part of summertime fun—especially when you have kids! I decided to incorporate this idea recently when I did a sun themed invitation to play with my kiddos. Here’s what we did!


I made up 2 batches of play dough using THIS recipe. One yellow and one orange—though I’m no expert on color mixing. My son thought the orange was pink and with good reason. :-) I also had some leftover red play dough that I divided amongst the kids as well. In addition, I gave each kid…

  • 2 blue paper circles for eyes
  • 1 strip of pink ribbon for a mouth
  • 1 pair of sunglasses (we were recently given several for free!)
  • A few cut up circles (I used a design scissors to make it more interesting) for flowers
  • Some strips of green paper for grass


As always, I used the invitation to play as an opportunity to learn about and discuss the sun. We talked about the sun specifically as well as why we have it and what it does. Then I explained the items on their plates and let them have at it! They enjoyed making their own suns and understood that it can look different colors at different times. Then they also enjoyed making things grow with their suns. If I were to do it again though, I would give them the sun items first and after a while give them the flowers and grass to add to what they had already done. I think it was a little overkill for the younger ones, but they still enjoyed it. Definitely an activity worth doing when you want to do something indoors on a hot day!


Our Minimalist Toddler Closet

photo 1

We are prime candidates for a minimalist toddler closet!

Soon we will have 4 children in a 10X10 room!

(I’m so excited, and so are they! They love the idea of the baby sleeping in their room with them!)

In preparation, I made some major changes into their closet.

Our old closet was really cute but impractical and definitely NOT a minimalist toddler closet.

photo 4


The new closet has 9 identical baskets.

- Each Child Has Their Own Toy Basket

- Each Child Has Their Own Clothes Basket

- A Joint Shoe Basket

(The 3 Drawer Dresser has a diaper/cream drawer, joint sock drawer, and joint pajama drawer. Sunday clothes are hung on the child-sized fuzzy hangers, each child has a hook on the left to hang 2 hoodies)

I’ve become very obsessed with hyacinth baskets. Their metal frames are durable, but the hyacinth weave is light-weight enough for the kids to lift easily. (Even though the five-year-old’s toy basket is kept above his head, he can lift it down multiple times a day.)

The kids helped put up the shelving, and they enjoyed filling up their new baskets.

photo 2

Each child has about 5 play outfits so there was plenty of space.

When we fold clothes I can bring them out to the living room where we are folding together, and the kids can help put their clothes into the baskets.

photo 5So that is our new system. It’s not really the classic system you see, but it is working perfectly for us, and I would say that it is minimalist! Toddler closets are a fun project too, and it was fun to have the kids help! :-)




What is Our God?

A friend recently posted an article about a girl who renounced Christianity because, having been a part of the purity movement, she felt she could not have sex with her husband and still be a Christian.

It’s a very sad article, but it’s also very good for those of us who profess Christ to work through and consider because the article touches on something much deeper than just virginity at marriage.

It touches on what I think is one of the main reasons that young Christians are leaving the church today in droves.

(Here is a link to the article)

She repeatedly mentioned two things:

-Unnecessary Guilt

-Her Identity Being Based on her Outward Acts of Spirituality.

I think her church and family were trying to help her by encouraging a good standard (even a Biblical standard on her) but the problem happened when:



Whether it is virginity or any other standard, even good and Biblical standards can be turned into idols. And when she had to reject the standard, she had no choice but to reject Christ.

This is very sad, but the problem started many years before when she placed her LOVE on the standard rather then on Christ. She explains in depth her relationship to the standard and never mentions (in the article anyway) a relationship with Christ.

The ONLY thing that will keep people in true, Christianity is a love for Christ.

Then – as an act of love to Him, they will obey from their hearts BECAUSE THEY LOVE HIM. (John 14:15) We obey him only because we love Him.

But, if we OBEY to OBEY then we ONLY find emptiness and guilt.

Throughout the centuries well meaning Christians have lifted up standards – genuinely trying to help their children and disciples to succeed.

Unfortunately, when one’s focus and love are not on Christ, depending on His grace, standing in awe of His incredible person, and rejoicing that He is working His perfect will in us, one cannot succeed.

My heart goes out to this poor woman who wrote this article, and I hope that she can learn what true Christianity is – to love Christ because He first loved us and while we were yet sinners showed His amazing love toward us by offering Himself for us.


Live Independently of My Circumstances

Recently I celebrated my 30th birthday


Each year on my birthday, my husband takes the kids, and I get to go off to a lovely coffee shop, buy a $5 large coffee ice cream drink (with whipped cream) and spend some much needed time evaluating the last year and planning for the next.

This year I was a little disappointed because we had planned to have some time to reevaluate together BEFORE I had my alone time.

I wanted him to change some things –

 I wanted him to change some our schedule

 I wanted him to change some priorities

 But I’m glad that the Lord worked it out that way because as I sat there, in one of the rare grown-up, sophisticated, (quiet!!) environments I get to be in in the whole year, feeling a little miffed that we hadn’t had that conversation in which he was going to make all those great changes I had planned for him, I realized one important thing that I hope to carry through the coming year -

The only thing I can control is ME.

I can’t control if my husband throws off my evening or morning routines, but I’m in control of 8:30am-4:30 each day.

I can’t control if the kids are whiney (though it is my job to train them), but I can control if I blow up at them.

I can’t control if the house is old and frustrating, but I can make the best of it and keep it as picked up as possible

I can’t control the economy, but I can control if I give in to fear.

Circumstances can stink. Plans get ruined. Dreams die.

But I CAN still stand strong.

This morning the kids and I were working on Psalm 1 in our devotions.

1 Blessed is the man

who walks not in the counsel of the wicked,

nor stands in the way of sinners,

nor sits in the seat of scoffers;

2 but his delight is in the law of the Lord,

and on his law he meditates day and night.

3 He is like a tree

planted by streams of water

that yields its fruit in its season,

and its leaf does not wither.

In all that he does, he prospers.

4 The wicked are not so,

but are like chaff that the wind drives away.

I drew two trees for them.

The one was a strong and firmly rooted tree beside a river, and the other was a sickly tree barely hanging on.

It was a helpful picture. No matter what our circumstances are, no matter if the kids are whiney, jobs are lost, the economy does a nose dive, we can stand strong – firmly rooted in Him, His promises and His commands.

This last year, I watched Lydia and Matthew go through the hardest year of their marriage as Matthew finished his last difficult year of seminary. Finances were tight. Classes were heavy. Obligations were insane. Jobs were demanding.

Yet Lydia always responded rightly. Again and again I saw her remain calm when I would have been convulsing on the floor.

Late in the year she mentioned to me that at the top of her TO-DO list every day she would write “Live Independently of My Circumstances.”

No matter what happened (and plenty happened this year for them), she tried to respond rightly.

Circumstances were hard, but she stayed focused on Him.

I saw my sister be a strong tree.

She faithfully trained her children, faithfully encouraged Matthew, and faithfully responded rightly again and again.

So as I stand, looking out at (hopefully) another 30 years, I hope that I can learn from my little sister. :-)

Live Independently of My Circumstances and Live Dependently on Him.


Letting Them Help – Part 2

House 1Well, 3 weeks ago, I glibly promised that I’d post the following week on how we do chores in our house.

Of course after promising that we had a couple messy days  (followed by a couple naughty days) which made me feel unsure of writing about something in which I’ve not yet arrived.

However, it’s been a helpful couple weeks for me – nothing like promising all my digital friends that I’d share about our chore systems, to help me reevaluate!

So I’m going to share what works for us, areas we are working on, and areas we need work – and then I’d love for my readers to share suggestions and thoughts!

What is Working for Us:

1. Having a Cleaning SYSTEM

My Mom is the best housekeeper ever. She is a natural, and she always made cleaning look SO EASY.

I am not a natural – and even though I KNEW how to do everything (since she had taught me), I NEVER knew where to start. I wasted so much time the first couple years of marriage just standing in the middle of clutter-filled rooms staring blankly around and feeling defeated.

I finally realized that I needed a system – (I think it barely even matters what the system is – just to have one. It is a starting point, a map, and the oil that helps you move faster down the track to your day and sweet productivity.)

Here are our systems. If you ask my 3 or 5 year olds. They will (hopefully) be able to recite it to you.

It is my heartfelt goal that they not get overwhelmed but always know where to start. (On anything – but we’re talking about cleaning today.  

Our system when cleaning is always in this order:

(Left to Right)

(Top to Bottom)

1. Clear Big Items

2. Clear Garbage

3. Put Away In-Room Clutter

4. Put Away Out-of-Room Clutter

Example of Dining Room Table after Breakfast Using This System:


I clear the big items (Crockpot or Gallon of Milk)image

Kids clear the garbage (Napkins)

I grab the in-room clutter (My husband’s iPad)

(I wasn’t fast enough – they cleared other stuff too for this pic)


Kids Carry out-of-room clutter to the kitchen table to be put away. (Small food items and dirty dishes.)


Wipe off High Chair on Left then Table then Bumbo Seat and Tray on Right (Left to Right)

Sweep Floor (Top to Bottom)

imageThis System works really well for us in any room. We use it daily in the living room and their bedroom as well. (So at least three times a day you’ll hear me say “what do we look for first?” and hear my son say “garbage!”)

 2. Having a Cleaning Routine

Again, it doesn’t matter the order, but it helps to do the same tasks in the same order.

Less decisions – more productivity!

As soon as my husband leaves in the morning we clear the table, straighten up the living room, get dressed, straighten the bedroom, clean the bathroom (If we have time), get the laundry and feed the dog.

A routine helps us start each day strong. (Of course things may be messy 10 minutes into the day… but oh well! LOL!

3. Each child has their own chores first thing in the morning – before we start our day.

If we are doing well, we are dressed and have everything cleaned up half an hour after my husband leaves for work. (About 8:30) But that can range. (9:00 is our average.) 9:30 is a bad day. 10:00 is a really bad day. :-/

I wrote about their chores here.

4. Each Child responsible for their own basket of toys

A year ago, I got rid of the big toy box and each child has their own basket of toys to take responsibility for.

(We also have a play room downstairs in the basement that I will eventually write an article about. )

I wrote about their separate upstairs toys here.

5. Children Allowed to Earn Money

imageSince my oldest was 3, I’ve allowed the kids to do extra jobs for money. They each save up for items.

This has helped them understand the value of a dollar, and they know that while I rarely buy them new toys, they always have the option of working for something themselves.

(The pic is ash. It’s messy, but I let him clear it because he LOVES to help clean the fireplace. It’s not smoke.)

Areas I’ve tweaked that last couple weeks:

1. We Clean Each Room TOGETHERimage

As mentioned in my previous chore article, the kids have picture chore lists.  This way they could refer to their lists and complete their chores themselves. Lately we’d had problems with them not staying on task so I’ve we now do our chores together.

- We ALL clear the table

- We ALL clean up the clutter in the living room

- We ALL sweep (they move chairs) and I do most of the sweeping while they help with their little brooms

- They ALL change at the same time. (Jedidiah sometimes takes to the bathroom. He has days when he’s suddenly obsessed with modesty and days when he’s …not.)

-  We ALL wipe down the bathroom,

- Jedidiah usually finishes getting the laundry and feeding the dog while I get school books.

This way I help stay on task

It also became more essential to have their toy baskets stay on their shelves to help them stay on task.

2. Toy Baskets that actually FIT on the Shelves in their room!!!

It also became more essential to have their toy baskets stay on their shelves to help them stay on task.

(Out of mind and out of sight!!)

Before they each had their own baskets, but I let them leave them on the floor or in their beds because they did not fit on the shelves.

Since we are moving the baby, (CHILD NUMBER 4 into their 10X10 room) in a couple weeks, we needed to rethink their closet system.

(I wrote about having the 3 kids in a 10X10 room here.)

(Thank you, sweet husband for the $125 worth of [super-cute, Container Store,  hyacinth, I promise this was an important purchase, complete life-saver] baskets.)

Old baskets were traded in, and now (Exciting music), they each have their own toy basket (and will soon have their own basket to put away their play clothes.)

(Pictures of their new closet system coming soon!)

Areas We Need Work: (Suggestions Welcome!)

1. Breastfeeding Baby

We have a 10 month old, and (though neither Lyd nor I have written about it) breastfeeding is not a 10 minute thing for us. On growth-spurt days, everything else falls apart because Mama is attached to baby.

Such is life. :-I

2. Getting up Before Them

My husband is a night owl, and I choose to stay up with him. I used to rise before the house. Now I grudgingly roll out when I hear the first child’s steps in the hall.


I even set my alarm early a few times a week thinking I’ll get things pulled together before the house wakes, but I rarely do. (Except Sundays – no choice)

3. Just Being with Them

Digital friend Jeanne commented last week that “What helped me a lot to enjoy it is when I decided I would just not care about the mess WHILE doing activities together and just deal with it later on. Then, I could relax and enjoy.”

I’ve been thinking about that a lot the last weeks.

This is probably the biggest area that needs work – MY ATTITUDE! I need to enjoy the time with them even when our ‘morning routine’ fell apart or when the clutter takes over. Pray for me here friends!

There is what is working, is a work in progress, and what needs work!

Any thoughts? What works in your routines?


Kid’s Sun Craft

At the height of the summer heat, what better craft project than for the kids to make their own

personal sun? My kids loved this—it may have been the fact it was a sun, or the fact they got covered in sticky glue—regardless, I’m excited to share this idea with you today. :-)



What you need:

 1 paper plate per child

1 bottle of glue per child

A couple sheets of tissue paper in yellow, red, etc.

A couple sheets of construction paper in yellow, red, etc.

A pair of scissors

Tape or 1 glue stick for each child

Cut out the center of each paper plate to make a circle

Cut out the tissue paper in squares

Give each child a paper plate circle and a small stack of tissue paper squares.

Have the kids glue the squares to the plate. I’m big on kids gluing things since they seem to be able to start doing it when they are about a year old and enjoy it through childhood. I love bringing multiple ages together for a project! :-)

Let the gluey tissue papery paper plate circle suns dry for several hours.

Cut the construction paper in strips. You may just want to use one color (like yellow) for this.

Show the kids how to tape or glue (with glue sticks) the strips, folded in loops, to the back of their suns. If the kids are younger, you could just staple it too.

THEN, the kids can hang up their suns using the loops–or wear them as a bracelet as my daughter did–or carry them around on a stick… The loops were a huge hit!! :-)

Happy Summer!!


Daddy Countdown Craft

My husband recently had to leave town for an extended period of time. I thought my children had a good understanding of the fact he was gone, but it didn’t take long to realize they really had no concept of what the number of days actually meant. My son was saving cherry tomatoes from the garden to give to Daddy. My daughter would make plans for when Daddy would be home before bed or the next morning. I realized we needed a visual so they could understand.


I had just scored blue and pink post-it notes at Target for only $0.02 (Thank you coupons!), so I wanted to incorporate them into our project. :-)



I gave each child a piece of white cardstock and had them thoroughly color each side making it as personal and special as they wanted.

When they finished, I used a LARGE black permanent marker to write out the numbers on either side of the cardstock to make a chart of sorts.

Next, I had the kids take their post-it note pads and cover each number with a post-it note. For being 2 and 3, I thought they did surprisingly well! They also loved it!


We hung up their charts where they could see them and discussed that each day at breakfast they could pull off a post-it note and when they were all off, Daddy would come home that day. It worked wonderfully!! They had a much better concept of when he would be back, and they loved to play with their post it notes they pulled off each day. I think it was kind of like a daily present for them with a BIG present at the end! :-) image

There are so many different ways you could have your kids craft this type of project based on your child’s age and available supplies. You could have doors that open by attaching two pieces of paper together with pictures on the bottom one and doors on the top. You could use brads to turn attached pieces of paper with a picture or number underneath. These could be used to countdown to a relative coming to visit, a birthday, an upcoming trip, or anything else. I’d love to hear your ideas for future countdown projects!




How a Family of 5 Lived Comfortably for 7 Months without a Job

My husband is a hard worker and a very good provider, but when the political climate at his job skyrocketed last fall it became apparent that a change had to take place for his health and the sanity of our family. We toughed it out for a few months until my husband finally gave his two weeks notice just before Thanksgiving. We didn’t know exactly how things would play out or how we would even survive. For the first time in our marriage, we were taking a GIANT leap of faith. Some called it foolish (we wondered if it was), but we knew something had to change. You see, my husband was about to enter his final semester of a 6 year endeavor to obtain his Masters of Divinity degree (96 credit hours). We were tired—no exhausted—and we had a new baby (our 3rd) due in just a few weeks. We needed to do whatever it took to survive that next semester which was already going to happen on very little time and sleep. Today, I want to share with you how God has provided for our needs over the last 7 months and counting, but also some of the practical things we did to survive. I hope there will be some useful ideas for frugality that you may be able to use too!

Here was our situation for…

Money coming in:

Even though there was no full time job, we were not completely without income. My husband drove limousine very part time, but there was almost no work in January and February.

My husband taught piano lessons to 2 students each week.

My husband tunes pianos occasionally.

My husband is in the Army Reserves.

God provided many opportunities for my husband to fill pulpit in area churches—one consistently. They then provided an honorarium which not only covered our gas, but helped with our overall income. It was also a wonderful ministry opportunity for us and we cherished that time.

I nanny 1 day a week, but I was off for my maternity leave in January and February.

I took advantage of Market Research Groups to make a little money and receive fun, free products to try.


How we prepared:

My husband purposely quit his full time job the beginning of December so that he could take full advantage of the busiest limo driving month of the year. He worked 5-6 days a week and we were able to get slightly ahead financially.

We also had a little bit in savings that helped.

I knew that we were about to have a new baby in the middle of a frigid winter and that things could change financially, so I gradually stocked up on EVERYTHING leading up to my husband quitting his job. We had a solid months worth minimum on everything except perishable groceries. I stocked up on toiletries and paper products, including diapers and wipes, to get us into the month of May when my husband would finish school. This made things so much less stressful and easier to survive the winter too.

I took advantage of some of the Gift Card deals around the holiday season where I bought gift cards to stores we frequented and then received another one back as a bonus. This was a fun and practical way to make a little money up front as we prepared.

I had bought almost all of the kids summer clothes on deep clearance coupled with coupons last fall, so we had minimal expenses for clothes. The last few items we needed, I found at Goodwill on Toddler Thursdays for $1-$2 each.

Things we did to save money:

We ate out less, but when we did we only ate at places where we had a gift card or there was a freebie. This helped us get through our gift card stash we had been accumulating for years and was A LOT of fun! Freebies abound in a big city, so we also had plenty of free family outings. Here are just some of the deals we got in on.

  • My husband had his birthday during this time, and he and I are each signed up for about 10 birthday freebies. has a great list.
  • Noodles and Company did an awesome promotion where you could bring in 3 non perishable food items per person per day for five days and each receive any regular size entrée complete with meat! We did this 4 of the 5 days and ate off of it for 2 weeks! Some went in the freezer. J
  • Caribou Coffee often does BOGO days and there were even some free things due to their new Perks Program!
  • Dunn Bros. Coffee did a BOGO
  • Red Robin had various freebies and offers
  • Kids eat free at various restaurants on certain days.
  • Chipotle did a BOGO offer.

We were more mindful to ask for military discounts everywhere we went. Some provided amazing deals!

We took advantage of WIC and some local food pantries. It was amazing how many times God provided a specific food need through a food pantry item!

I’m a part of a Freezer Meal Swap Group, so we actually saved money by preparing large amounts of one meal and getting 5 others back each month. I’ll be writing a post on this soon!

LOTS of coupons and combining deals. We did a lot of shopping at Target where we combined sale items, Target coupons/mobile coupons, manufacturer coupons, Cartwheel (I LOVE CARTWHEEL!), deals where we got gift cards back and then paid with our Target RedCard for an extra 5% off. Yes, all of that in one transaction! We also did a lot of shopping at CVS for similar reasons and that was a place where I had gifts cards from the holiday season so my totals didn’t hurt as badly. :-) After my shopping, I often submit receipts to apps like Ibotta or Checkout 51 to make a little bit of money back too.

We only bought items we ABSOLUTELY needed. I tried to wait as long as possible before buying and prayed to see if God would provide it another way. He often did!

For baby gifts, I gave an extra package of newborn diapers I had left from our youngest (since she loves to eat) with an extra new outfit I had or an inexpensive item I could buy from their registry with coupons. :-)

For any other gifts, I found items where I could use coupons or combine it with something I had to still give a nice gift and spend very little. I also appreciated my Taget RedCard where I could save at least 5% and then have the item shipped for free if we couldn’t attend.

It’s also surprising how many things are free. We definitely haven’t skimped on family dates! There are multiple places where kids can play for free, free museums, free attractions, and historical locations that are free. Some are free all the time, others are free sometimes or with a military ID. We have actually had more family outings these months than ever before—and all for free! We were even able to get a free 1 year membership to the Children’s Museum!

Little things we did to save:

I used less soap in the dishwasher, when I washed my hands, in the washing machine etc. You really don’t need as much as is recommended.

I figured out as many meals as possible that used up pantry and freezer items.

I typically use about half the meat a recipe calls for—especially chicken. I also used a little less cheese and skimped on any other more expensive ingredients if possible.

I tried to use fewer wipes on the kids and be mindful of all other paper products.

I only went out if I had to and tried to do all the shopping at once. We became better about stopping for things that were on the way home from church.

My husband rode his bike as much as possible.

Ways we saw God provide:

Our neighbors called us on two different occasions to give us some extra food they had ended up with from their church food pantry!

We had a baby at the beginning of this time. We thought it would be a financial drain, but it turned into a blessing as MANY people brought us meals, freezer meals, groceries, specific items we needed, and LOTS of Target gift cards!

My husband graduated from seminary during this time. Again, we thought it would be a financial drain as I threw him a party and many extra expenses were involved along the way, but we were flooded with financial gifts!

Almost every time my husband went on a limo run during these months he received extra tips. This had rarely happened in the past.

People randomly gave us money! I still don’t know why exactly, except that God laid it on their heart to be a blessing to us and they were!

My husband received several unexpected calls from people asking him to tune their piano.

Above all else, the family time we have had during these months has been priceless. Our kids were at a point where they needed to see their dad more often, and emotionally, I needed my husband around sometimes. We had activities we wanted to do, and we have crossed almost every single thing off of that list. Money has been tight, and we have had to give up some purchases in order to have time together and a healthier, closer lifestyle. We don’t intend to stay in this position long term as my husband is actively seeking a ministry, but looking back on these months, I wouldn’t change a thing, and I praise God for the opportunity to have this time!



Balanced Minimalism

For all of us minimalist enthusiasts who have pursued minimalism full force – and then found ourselves struck by reality, the popular blog “Art of Manliness” just wrote a balanced article on the subject.

I think Brett and Kate McKay make some excellent points about what might make EXTREME minimalism unattainable for the normal person.

(I would REALLY suggest taking 7 minutes and reading their thoughts, but I’m going to super simplify what they say.)

They point out that the minimalist lifestyle is much more attainable if you have (1) money and (2) if you don’t have lifestyle responsibilities (ie: children). They then go on to conclude that a balanced person is someone who knows himself and keeps and uses what he needs.

The article addressed what many of us aspiring minimalists run into so I wrote down a few thoughts.

Minimalism is (by many definitions a reaction to consumerism and materialism.) 

But like any reaction it gets out of balance.

Minimalism is great for:

Letting go

Moving on

Learning who you are

Realizing what you want

Realizing what you don’t want

Knowing where you are going

But like anything created by us humans, we can get consumed with it and lose the bigger picture. (For me, as a Christian, the bigger picture is Christ)

When I’m decluttering, I need to be keeping Him as my focus. I get rid of extras so I can complete my calling He gives, have time to know Him and show His love to others.

Minimalism is a philosophy:

Like any philosophy we can read about it, learn from it, reject parts of it and become better more educated people from the knowledge of it.

For Christians, it can help us recognize idols in our lives (consumerism, pride of life, lust of the eyes).

Minimalism Costs AND Saves Money

The McKays have printed other great articles on the benefits of minimalism, so I’m not going to complain too much, but while the article points out that minimalism costs, it does not touch on that minimalism saves.

As a normal person, I agree, I have to keep things (that I’d rather not). Next baby that rolls around, I’ll need to pull out a tub of increasingly thread-bare slightly stained items, but admittedly, that is all my budget can afford right now.

However, through taking a more thoughtful approach to what i keep (brought somewhat by marturity and somewhat by what I’ve read on minimalism, I’ve learned that I can get rid of many pieces of clothing, spend $20 on 4 or 5 pieces to round out the wardrobe the next time, or weigh my costs (as covered in my article here.)

Minimalism is a Means

I loved their conclusion. Ultimately, when we get to know ourselves, our faith, and our goals, we know what stays and what goes. Whether we call it minimalism or maturity or balanced, we know what to do.


PS: Be sure to come back tomorrow as Lyd has a really fascinating post she will be sharing on how their family of 5 has survived 7 months without steady income. Really great tips and approaches.